Well there’s not much info apart from the fact that it’s got a 7″ screen, runs ‘Google 4.0′(Presumably Android 4.0), has Wi-Fi, a front facing camera and supports 32GB MicroSD Cards but if you’re in the market for a super cheap 7″ tablet then this could be not a terrible option.

The Pendo pad that Coles were selling for between $99-$149 a couple of months ago ended up not being able to access the Google Play Store but from the looks of the Shop icon in the top right of the photo the AudioSonic tablet may have that problem solved although I would double check before purchasing one.

I still am not sold on the super cheap Android tablets that appear at Kmart and other places instead I try to redirect people towards the Nexus 7 as a prime example of a good, well priced tablet but if you want something for the kids to play around on instead of your more expensive device then this wouldn’t be too bad an option. The catalogue appears to start on Thursday 18th and run through till Wednesday the 24th so check it out.

Source: Kmart.
Thanks: Alex D.
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    Ashley Mark French

    the pend pad 4.0 from Coles doesn’t initialy come with Googles Android Market or Play Store but that’s a simple fix. Also rooting the table is quite simple. Flash also works, the only thing I haven’t been able to get working is Java. It has built in sdcard, plus can have external sdcard up to 32 gig. Then we have the usb which can have a hub connected. The usb apparently supports a keyboard, mouse, flash drive up to 16 gig and a 3g dongle. It has hdmi out for video output to a tv. All in all it’s a… Read more »


    Also worth mentioning that I can’t see any way to update the OS that is running on there. When cold booting the tablet, a linux “penguin” is displayed on the top left hand corner, and then “ANDROID” Splash screen shows when you wait appox 1 min or so for it to start up. When going to the setting and looking at the Android version, there is no way of “Checking for Update”, so pretty much your stuck on ICS, unless Audiosonic release a firmware update for it. That being said, I had an “Update.zip” file on the TGF card I… Read more »


    Hi All, I picked up 3 of these! I can confirm it is running Android 4 (ICS) not Froyo (the older 7″ were running Froyo so they may have given you the old stock. They come with Google Play (as opposed to in-house app store which others were talking about on other forums) so I’m able to use my Gmail account and transfer purchases from my other android devices (of course some of the games / apps are not compatible). Although it states 4GB only 2GB of that is accessible to the user, so you will need to move some… Read more »


    REALLY, we bought one to give to our little girl for her 6th birthday ( to cut down fights over Ipad) and have tried it after charging over night ( 2pm til 5pm next day) and it freezes constantly, shuts itself down and or reboots (or wont shut down when you turn the power off and you have to use a pin to reset to factory settings), wont give a key board or function key’s to proceed, or just doesn’t respond to the touchscreen at all. After almost 30 attempts to connect it to the Wi-Fi to test it and… Read more »


    I just dropped a green on this tonight, and its worse than bad. Not only did I press the buzzer at Kmart 10 times over 15 minutes to get some service, I got it home and it isn’t anything “Google 4.0” all. It isn’t even Gingerbread…its Froyo 2.2.1 – I wasn’t expecting much and I didn’t get it either. I expected terrible performance and got it, I expected terrible responsiveness and I got it, I expected a horrible screen, and I got it (Bad resolution and viewing angles are okay from above – but from slightly lower than straight on… Read more »

    Greg McPherson

    Has anyone stepped into a K-Mart and actually tried one?
    (Have I? No. Perhaps I should)

    It’d be an interesting bit of research to find out what CPU is inside (quietly install something like “CPU Identification Utility” if it’s connected to WiFi) and which Shenzhen company is supplying them. A bit of background.


    Definitely interested to hear if this thing does actually have access to Google Play. At least you could return this one if it doesn’t work, or dies prematurely, unlike chinese tablets from ebay etc. If it has HDMI out to go with the SD card slot, it would have definite advantages over the Nexus for a lot of people.


    is it upside down in the photo?


    I was thinking that too…

    Daniel Tyson

    Lol, hadn’t picked that up when I posted(22 Hours without sleep will do that to you) but definitely looks to be upside down

    Chris (Deputy Editor)

    Maybe it just supports rotation (the N7 didn’t out of the box..lol)

    Amit K

    these sort of tablets are good option for an electronic photo frame. cheaper then most of the electronic photo frames out there, and more flexibility.

    Caveat emptor

    I bought a cheap Android tablet from China. Big mistake. The screen simply doesn’t respond at certain places which makes it virtually unusable. And it was very slow. And being an obscure brand – no ROM support on the forums at XDA. I agree, spend a little extra and get the Nexus.


    Couldnt agree more… I too bought a cheapo Android 7″ Tablet last year. Was very unstable, had poor performance, and ended up bricking itself out of the blue..


    I had a bad experience witha 7″ C-Tablet too, and not sure about the Nexus7 as it is a 7″ too. But hey, the N7 is quick ! I love it. Yes more then double the price, but it works 100 times better