Last we heard about the availability of the LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II on Australian carriers was a possible launch on Optus in December. We’re now hearing rumours that all three of the major carriers will launch the Galaxy Note II in November albeit as a staggered release with Optus first out of the gate offering it as of the 5th of November seemingly with a two week exclusive. Next up will be Vodafone launching it on the 19th of November followed a week later by Telstra on the 26th of November. The launch will be for both white and Grey options on 2 year contracts although no further plan information or pricing is available.

I`m not totally sure as to the advantage of Vodafone launching the phone given their current lack of a 4G network but it does still have 3G radios as well. The anticipation for the Note II launch has been pretty high with many requests for information regarding its launch. We’ll know soon enough, if these dates are legit then we should be getting a launch event invite very soon.

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So… any invites? or jsut a paper launch rumour 😉 we are close to Monday, 5th of November, that is 2012, not 2013, hehe.


“We’ll know soon enough, if these dates are legit then we should be getting a launch event invite very soon.”

So… did you get a launch invite yet? I am hanging out for this phone!


will virgin also the samsung galaxy note II??

Matt Booth

Mobicity have started shipping a small number of 4G Note II, if you want one soon then best to pre order


I was talking to a guy at Allphones and he puts the Optus 4G network in Brisbane at March, Voda is talking early 2013, so there’s a chance 4G could be there sooner on Voda in Brisbane.


Are the carriers releasing the 3g note 2 , I will get the 4g if that’s all there is but by the time 4g cones to where I am the note 3 will be out

Dave Belling

And does anyone know if and/or when the 64GB version is going to be available? LTE or not?

Angry Fran

since 4G isn’t in the suburbs, and i’m not in Sydney city that often, it is useless. Maybe once it’s state-wide LTE will be amazingly useful but until then my normal Galaxy Note 2 will do just fine.


Lolz! Give it 6 months, and you will regret that statement.


Vodafone appears to be trying to keep up with the “Jones” by releasing the the same device, for sure they will release LTE soon, but where… tough sell for people to buy something with a future promise.
Especially if LTE is not ‘toggleable’ and always on, and starts to imapct battery life. Not nice having poor battery performance when you aren’t getting any benefits.

Linh Nhat Ha

Telstra has announced about 1 month back will released 5 new 4G devices by end of 2012 which has been happen (iPhone5, S3 4G, Nokia Lumia and 2 new Motorola) so I don’t think this rumour is right.


Ordered min from Mobicity last night. expected release date is end of October 4G model….


So theyll only release the LTE version then by the sounds of it?


I just got mine from kogan soo.. Too late telcos


pretty sure u didnt get this from kogan as they are yet to sell the N7105 ie the LTE version they just sell the N7100 which is the non 4g compatible one


Haha me 2

John Yung

And once again it would appear that the Telco who charges the most for everything they touch, yet promote themselves as Australias leaders, Helstra, are at the back of the field …AGAIN. Pretty weak.


According to their website, Vodafone is introducing 4G in early 2013.

Timothy Boyce

Any word on Virgin? Same time as Optus?


Yes! Very curious about Virgin – Their topless deal with 4gb of data is the Bomb!!

Norman Ma

Have we ever seen an exclusivity period as short as two weeks? That being said, I buy this – the first GNote was very popular, and there’s no reason why carriers *wouldn’t* be clamouring to sell these.