The wonderful boffins at Blendtec are at it again, turning shiny gadgets into dangerous black smoke. This time around they pitted Apple’s iPhone 5 against the Samsung Galaxy S3, and in spite of criticism of the latter for its ‘cheap, plasticky’ build quality, the video evidence is clearly in its favour.

Obviously both phones end up as expensive black dust in the end, but the iPhone 5 disintegrates almost as soon as it hits the blades, while the Galaxy S3 bounces around intact for a while before finally succumbing. So if you’re tossing up between the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 and you’re the kind of person who is always dropping their phone into industrial strength blenders, the choice is clear.

You can watch all the action in Blendtec’s video below:

And as a bonus, for those who are really into tech gore, be sure to check out the full slow motion video:

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Dean Reading

If I had a dollar for every time I dropped my phone into an industrial strength blender…




Interesting result/turn of events.
The drop tests performed just after the iphone 5 launch showed that the S3 didn’t fair well at all compared the to iP5… thought it would be a similar result with a blender, clearly i was incorrect.


S3 probly lasted longer because the battery and cover came off and the phone was a lot lighter, also the iPhone has more defined sharper edges allowing the blades to grab the device.