Monday , September 25 2017

Daily App Sales Roundup – 18-10-12

A notable new addition today is the Google Calendar app. This will be useful for those of you running skins like Sense or Touchwiz that often override Google’s own app with their own (usually inferior) app. It’s free in the Play Store, so why not check it out?

Found a good deal on an app you’d like to share? Let us know! You can tweet us or email us.

Today’s Apps

Hackers Handbook
Trial: Hackers Handbook Trial
Detailed step by step tutorials. This ebook will constantly be updated with new guides and tutorials without having to update the app, free of charge to everyone who purchases the app.
$4.35 – was $6.99

Gauge Battery Widget Pro
Trial: Gauge Battery Widget
A retro analogue-style needle widget that shows your battery meter. A number of widget designs, sizes and layouts.
$0.99 – was $1.99

mooLa Checkbook & Finance
Trial: mooLa Checkbook
Easily track your finances, all in one place in this smart, sleek, super sexy digital checkbook/expense tracker/bill reminder. No in-app subscriptions, and the developer promises updates and improvements.
$4.81 – was $7.99

Musical Pro
Trial: Musical Piano Free
A musical toolkit including instruments (grand piano, piano keyboard, drums, autoharp), tools (metronome, pitch pipe), a game (piano practice), and more!
$0.99 – was $3.99

Today’s Games

Majesty: Northern Expansion
Trial: Majesty: Northern Expansion Free
Add-on for the acclaimed Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim. a vast magical world where you are honored with the crown of a tiny fairytale kingdom. When you become the head of the country all the responsibility for the land’s prosperity rests on your royal shoulders.
$0.99 – was $3.00

Tank Riders
Trial: Tank Riders Free
Join the fray in Tank Riders, a 3D tank battle game, which combines vibrant, colourful graphics, fast-paced action and exploration to create a package that will charm everyone – from hard core gamers to wet-eared newbies.
$0.99 – was $1.99


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