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It was nice while it lasted, but even at the time it was posted there was some scepticism surrounding the legitimacy of the device, but now the perpetrator of the hoax has put up a full infographic on the way the hoax was done. It’s a fascinating read over on the tumblr site Anatomy of a Hoax and I highly recommend you have a read.

Whilst it is a fake and there were a number of issues with the original photo that were pointed out by commenters on many sites including our own, there is a very old rumour that instead of a Samsung Nexus S we were supposed to get a Sony Nexus but that fell through for unspecified reasons. One thing that was made abundantly clear by this latest hoax is that a Sony Nexus device would be extremely welcome by many people. Come on Google and Sony get your act together and give us what we all want.

Source: AndroidCentralAnatomy of a Hoax.
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Matt Booth

I enjoyed it too, well worth reading


Well that was an unexpectedly interesting read. 😛