As the NFC enthusiasts will be aware, Google Wallet isn’t officially supported in Australia, and with the recent demise of the Google Prepaid Card it’s become pretty much useless. That could all be set to change, though, as Google have just opened sign-ups for what looks like a major upgrade to the service.

The sign-up process is a simple one-click affair of selecting your device type, with the interesting inclusion of iOS and ‘Other’, which we can assume is Blackberry and/or Windows Mobile.

No indication from Google yet on Wallet’s availability in Australia, but the fact that Aussie users are able to sign up is a positive sign. We’ve got our fingers and toes crossed hoping that we’ll at least be able to use it at Maccas (be honest, that’s the first place that comes to mind when you picture yourself using your phone to make a payment).

We’ll be sure to post updates when the official news drops.

Source: Google.
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    Dan Campbell

    Interesting that I was just able to enable this on my Galaxy Nexus (toro) where previously it wouldn’t show up at all. The app still says not available in your country/carrier but it’s getting there I guess. I think I’d use this a lot when it finally comes out!


    Hmmm,… On second thoughts now I’m worried. They’re offering iOS support? Sounds like NFC for Google Wallet is dead to me,…

    Graham Bae

    I don’t see any reason for them to phase out NFC support for compatible devices. On iOS they’ll probably just use Bluetooth ala iWallet.


    Or QR codes.
    No reason to phase out NFC, it would just be introducing other ways to use wallet on other devices… making Google Wallet as accessible as it can be.

    Graham Bae

    Oh man, QR codes would be such a backward step 🙁


    Not putting NFC in a new iPhone would be such a backward step… wait… what…. :/


    Not a backward step if you’re betting on making NFC irrelevant because you’ve decided not to go down that route in a timely enough manner. Instead you can guide the industry away from NFC, thus leaving your competitors playing catchup after they already invested in that tech.


    Thankfully for us, they have already failed as the vast majority of new eftpos equipment, has built in NFC readers, compatible with NFC enabled bank cards.
    It does surprise me that the dumbarses at Commonwealth Bank chose to support iPhans with giving them a case with an NFC chip in them, before supporting NFC enabled androids. Obviously Commbank has shares in Apple.

    James Finnigan

    I loathe QR codes with the fire of a thousand suns! If Google runs back to 1953 by using QR codes with Wallet, I’ll carve its cold dead corpse from my phone with a butter knife.

    Alright, maybe that was a tad dramatic, but still… QR codes?


    Not sure what the Maccas reference is about? Seems to be in most of the NFC posts. I pretty much pay everything via NFC with my credit card. All of the supermarkets have them and most other chain stores and any smaller places that have updated their EFTPOS in the last year or two.

    I’d happily leave my credit-card at home instead of confusing the Myki reader by leaving it in my wallet.

    Graham Bae

    It seems like most people who tested out Google Wallet payments in Australia (including myself) did so at Maccas, and it’s the perfect place to be able to make small transactions with a swipe of your phone.


    Seems like a totally reasonable assumption to me that a lot of people think of NFC’ing at Maccas. Let the haters hate! Thanks for a great article.

    Did raise a few questions for me though, it pains me to say, around security. Is another article on NFC / Google Wallet security warranted?


    Haha Confusing Myki readers isnt hard. Just put your Myki card near it and watch it not work….


    Had a look at my Galaxy Note 2 and yep, its here =] Hopefully Australia gets rolling with services and useful things to do with Google Wallet and NFC in general

    Graham Bae

    Using Google Wallet to make NFC payments using a Galaxy Note 2 would be the epitome of being ahead of the pack!


    and i’m really looking forward to it, not sure what Krillin was referring to though


    I’ve got a note 2 , what do you mean “its here”?


    It’s about time us Aussies got some NFC love.

    Graham Bae

    I’ll say!