We’re all very excited about the impending Nexus 4 announcement, but it would appear not as excited as Carphone Warehouse who decided to put up their pre-order page early! The pre-order page states the Nexus 4 will ship with:

  • Android 4.2
  • 4.7″, 1280×768 LCD screen
  • 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor
  • 8 megapixel camera
  • Just 8GB of storage (!) and no microSD slot
  • 2GB ram
  • No FM radio
  • Quad band 3G and no mention of LTE
  • 68.7 x 133.9 x 9.1 mm
  • Only 8GB of storage is very disappointing and will confirm some people’s worst nightmares, since most people considered the Galaxy Nexus capacity too low at 16GB. So what do you think, will you still buy the LG Nexus 4? I wasn’t convinced before, and I am even less convinced now! There is a chance that some of these specifications are subject to change considering the official announcement hasn’t been made yet, I guess we wait and hope.

    Source: Carphone Warehouse.
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    Jason Keenan

    8GB and no SD card is a deal breaker for me. My phone is my primary music device and I also use it as a portable storage (thumb drive), so 8GB with no expansion just won’t cut it.

    The less I can carry in my pockets the better.


    Ill have to wait and see whats officially announced but if its got 8gb i might have to look elsewhere.

    Luke Wiwatowski

    Meh the storage doesn’t worry me that much. But a lot of people seem very riled up about it.

    David Anderton

    I like many others use my phone as my primary music device. I’m currently using a 16gb SD card in my Incredible S and it is full. While I really want a Nexus phone i’m not downgrading my storage capacity!

    David Anderton

    In some sections its got android 4.2 and in others its got 4.1.2(Jelly Bean)

    David Anderton

    I will be very disappointing if it has only 8GB and no SD card. Seriously WhyTF aren’t they just including a card slot????? It would cost them virtually nothing and make 99% of nexus users happy? Its just like Chewbacca living on Endor?

    Damon Lewis

    No micro sd is a killer for me.


    it will need to be uber cheap…

    Taufiq Khan

    Honestly, I never used up much of the storage on my phones – 2GB is usually plenty. That said, I’d be fairly surprised if this LG Nexus has less storage than my 2 year old Nexus S!

    Andrew Nguyen

    8GB is definitely a let down but since the phone is being sold in India, well known for it’s low-end mobile phone market maybe if the Nexus 4 8GB for… $300? Or even less might be a good selling point, a premium(ish) phone for a low cost price, increased storage for higher prices of course but they need the cheap 8GB for that market. Something that could be happening, who knows what Google has planned.


    8GB would be a real let down. 16GB for a phone is fine IMO. My extra 16GB SD card in my S2 as gone unused for 2 years.

    Rupert Norris

    There is a 16GB option