While browsing through Google+ this morning, I noticed an interesting post by the Android account – apparently James Bond uses a Sony Xperia T in the latest film, Skyfall. In most television shows and films, the characters generally all use iPhones, so it’s nice to see the world’s most famous spy rocking an Android phone. In between seducing ladies and explosions, I’m sure Mr Bond loves to chill out with a nice game of Jetpack Joyride.

Sony are really capitalising on this one; on their UK website, the phone is advertised as ‘the Bond Phone’. Perhaps this will be the phone to replace my Nexus S – I assume it would make me more mysterious and awesome, yes?

Source: Google.
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This is the phone I want to replace my Nexus S! Ok well not this one exactly because it has a 4.65 ” screen right? I want the Xperia V which is the unreleased smaller brother of the T.

David Watt

The only difference with the Bond special edition of the phone is that it comes with additional Bond wallpapers, sounds etc…no controlling your car by remote or steel cutting lasers coming from the charge LED.

Phil Tann

Of course Bond uses one… Can you imagine Apple letting Q install his apps on THEIR device?

vijay alapati

2012 spider man also used sony…. sony just pays movies to make their phone showcase. 🙁


lol they are sony movies.


Well seeing that the NSA uses Android for their secure device there is no surprise. Also product placement, Apple are too cheap to spend money they exepct people to use their phones for props out of the coolness factor. Hipsters are not cool


So batman uses a nokia lumia
James Bond uses a sony xperia
Who which tough guy uses a Galaxy then?


Chuck Norris.

Greg McPherson


Benjamin Booth

This phone looks so good, had my eye on it for a while, the Xperia V also looks very nice and in some ways the specs look even better than the T. You guys have some contacts in Telstra, can you prod them for an ETA in Australia? I’m sure they’ll love to make an announcement and go nuts promoting it as the “Bond Phone”.

Daniel Tyson

Q would totally AOSP that thing