This screenshot from the inventory system at Car Phone Warehouse has just been published over at Modaco showing the LG Nexus 4 available in Black and White for an outright price of £389.95GBP or $605.78 AUD(minus Australia tax naturally). This is through a third party retailer and we all hope that this will be available through the Google Play Store devices section as we saw a hint of earlier today.

There is no indication as to what storage option this price is for or even if there will be an option. I do know that the new Series 3 Chromebooks that Google is selling come with 100GB of Google Drive storage so this could be factored in to help with any storage concerns customers have.

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Andrew Palozzo

Still waiting to find out what frequencies this thing runs on… please do Australian 4g!!!

vijay alapati

That might have been a estimated price, before iphone 4s was released there were many retailers and few carriers who advertised with fake name and few specs for pre orders…..


Does anyone know if this will, like the i9250, only support MTP/PTP connections?

Biggest let down of my current Galnex 🙁

Daniel Tyson

Most likely MTP/PTP is here to stay. Google doesn’t seem to like Mass Storage due to a number of reasons.


Thanks for that! 🙂


MTP/PTP is a critically important technical improvement in the newer Nexuses. MTP allows the entire storage space to be divided between apps and media. MTP ensures that all apps function with no impediment while you are connected to a computer, especially while you are transferring files to it. MTP also improves compatibility with desktop-based media-player/media-library managers if those things float your boat, as it is the standard used by mp3 players in the last half of the last decade. My Nexus S suffers horribly from the split partitioning required by USB mass-storage (2GB for apps, 12ishGB for “USB-storage” disk). Then… Read more »


Thanks for your reply! I agree with the advantages of MTP but i guess i’m so used to the mass storage ability from my previous S1 and S2. I can definitely see it’s purpose in a solid device like the Galaxy Nexus. The phone’s ability to operate fully while mounted is my personal favourite amongst the pros. MTP also has its downsides when managing apps and app storage though, as i’ve experienced. I risked the non-expandable memory issue with my Nexus and have found myself sacrificing music to allow more games. Doing local backups via MTP of Titanium files and… Read more »

Andrew Webb

At a guess $549 for 8GB and $599 for 16GB. Which is $200 more than it should be to get good circulation.


twice as expensive as it will need to be to sell well… especially if it doesn’t have lte…

yellow fellow

hopefully less after VAT


$600 with 8 GB for a Korean phone which is definitely expensive even it is Nexus.

If that’s the real I won’t buy.

David Anderton

I’m pretty sure Samsung is Korean….


and HTC…

Ian Tester

HTC is Taiwanese.


HTC is Chinese manufacture. Please do research carefully and then come back.

David Anderton

my point being that nobody seems to think Samsung phones should be cheap because they are a Korean company, so I don’t understand what makes LG any different.


Samsung is Korean, so what? Still a bad phone

David Anderton

missing the point much