Looks like Google Play has just started rolling out the option to purchase movies in Australia, it’s not available via the Google Play Web Store as yet but the Android App is showing the Buy option for a number of movies, prices range from $19.99 for The Raid up to $24.99 for The Avengers but there appears to be no rhyme or reason as to why at this stage. There are some older movies available for as little as $7.99 such as Nowhere to Run as well if you search hard enough.

At this stage there has been no official announcement from Google Australia either via their Blog or their Google+ page but we can only speculate that this could have been part of the ‘Playground is Open’ event that was scheduled to start in a couple of hours before Hurricane Sandy interrupted proceedings. There is still no access to Google Music or TV Shows as yet but we can only hope they may come soon.

We’ll be monitoring this in the morning when hopefully Google updates their blog and Google+ feed with some further information, until then see which movies you can find and let us know in the comments.

Source: Android Australia.
Thanks: Graham.
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    Out of the Park Apps

    Pricing fail, I’ve had this for months, never rented a single movie. No need to pay $4.99 – $6.99 when there’s a great selection on Netflix for “free”.


    seems pretty pricey too me.I dont know how it compares to itunes or zune or foxtel though.

    What quality are they in?

    Id still prefer the bluray myself and a lot of them include a digital copy these days

    senhor r

    Quality is either SD or HD – SD seems to be around $25 and HD around $30.

    Doesn’t really encourage me to rush out and buy or rent at the price-point they have chosen. Many of the movies you can pick up on actual disc new for under $10 so it’s a bit meh.

    William Ferguson

    Bugger the movies (purchase is too expensive anyway), Google Play Music has just come to Aus!!!!!


    Please explain

    senhor r

    He thinks the movies are expensive to purchase. He wants google to open up their music offering to Australia too. Let me know if you need more assistance.


    I thought he was saying that music _was_ now in Oz. I jumped straight to all of my devices and play.google.com/music and got the regular “not likely mate” message from google.

    senhor r

    Apologies. Just realised i misread his statement and put an extra “to” in there. Clearly google smartarse can’t come to Aus quickly enough for me either.

    Getting the same “NOTHING TO SEE HERE” on music as well. :/


    Please explain x2