With 3 new Nexus devices unveiled yesterday, Google has also advised that they now have around 700,000 applications available in the Google Play Store for download, matching or at least in the same ballpark as Apple who announced at their event last week that the App store has around that same number.

There is no breakdown in the numbers from Google as to how many of the 700,000 apps are ‘Tablet’ apps, Apple has made it a point to highlight their tablet offerings in a bid to make their tablet strategy appear to be much more robust than that offered by Google. Google has instead focused on having one application with a separate interface for tablet devices and they are focusing more on the tablet side of their market, recently introducing the Tablet App Quality Checklist.

With some well priced devices being offered direct to the public through the Google Play Store, the amount of Android devices shipping should grow even more beyond the 1.3 million devices being activated every day. Developers will continue to add more applications to the Google Play Store, hopefully at the same time as the iOS App store; Gameloft has already advised that they are aiming for simultaneous iOS/Android releases by the end of this year so hopefully many other application developers look to do the same.

Source: Businessweek.