After Vodafone advised they would not be stocking the Nexus 4 Phone we asked if they were looking to stock the 3G enabled Nexus 7 tablet, unfortunately it does not appear to be good news on that front either with Vodafone advising :

We will not be stocking the 3G-enabled Nexus 7 tablet.

It’s very much looking at this stage that Google will be without carrier support for the launch of their Nexus line of devices, at least in regards to Australian carriers. With the status of the 32GB Nexus 7 3G still showing as ‘not available in your country’ those hoping to get their hands on the device can only refer back to the Google Blog post which advised that the Nexus 7 with 32GB and mobile data would be on sale on the 13th of November for $299 and unlocked in the Google Play store Australia. So is anyone holding out for the Nexus 7 3G?

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Sean Kavanagh

Sorry Voda, that’s me out then. Nexus S is up for renewal so it looks like a Nexus 4 for me and no contract for you 🙂


Not surprising – the margins are so low for these devices, and the amount of extra work they need to put in dealing with customers demanding updates can’t be worth the effort.


I can’t wait for the Nexus 7 3G to drop in Aus because then I’ll (hopefully) be able to pick up a cheap 16 GB Nexus 7, if I want to “surf the net” (sorry 1990 you can have your daggy terminology back) I’ll just turn on the Wi-Fi hot spot on My Android phone and tether it.

I don’t want to be paying for multiple data plans, one plan is enough and if it’s not then I’ll upgrade the data plan.

Glyn Stuckey

Definitely getting a 3G N7!


I reckon the telco’s are saying No to these phones/tablets because Google’s giving them a no bloatware condition. Telco’s won’t come at it and only do it for the iPhone because they have to have the iPhone or they will lose business. I reckon they are all hoping that by not supporting these Nexii they will force Google to once again allow bloatware.

Andrew N-w B

Agreed, I’m planning on just getting the nexus unlocked and using my Vodafone SIM, shall give my plan fone away or sell it when I renew

Aaron De Vries

Vodafone’s (and every other telco who declines to stock them) loss I guess..


Yup. Waiting for it to replace my original Galaxy Tab.