With the release of the new Nexus devices Google is certainly opening themselves up to many questions regarding many things such as how exactly they are able to offer their devices so cheap, whether we will see a Motorola Nexus and what exactly the Motorola purchase was about. John Lagerling, Director of Android business for Google has spoken with the New York Times to address some of those questions. Among his personal favourite features for the new Nexus devices is the 360-degree panoramic photo service ‘Photo Sphere’, inductive charging and the high resolution Nexus 10 screen. Head on over to the New York Times webpage and check out the transcript of the interview, unfortunately no-one pushed him on a lack of accessories for Nexus devices so far.

Source: New York Times.
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who are the guys in seattle he was talking about?

Geoff Fieldew

The linked article is an interesting read. Particularly the “Phase Match” strategy with respect to partner bids.

Out of the Park Apps

Nexus 7, and now the Nexus 4 are grand slam products. I am so glad I bought both!

Geoff Fieldew

I’d be interested to know where you bought the Nexus 4? It’s not on sale in the Play Store until Nov 13.


The Nexus 7 is an amazing device, especially for the price. Very happy I bought one. I think the sales of the N7 will continue to grow out of control and it will become one of the biggest selling Android devices. I don’t think the iPad mini is good enough or cheap enough to slow the N7 down much. Interesting read. I wasn’t aware that the Xoom was a partnership device with Google. I wonder why it didn’t get the nexus treatment too? It’s also interesting how he mentioned Sharp. They only make the odd android device, don’t they? Do… Read more »