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Android games based on movies don’t always live up to their big screen counterpart, but in this case, the game is based on a cult movie series and is sure to draw some attention, even if only from hardcore fans of the movie.

Angry Mob Games and Fox Entertainment have joined forces to release a Predators game in the Google Play Store. Set on the remote planet as seen in the movie, you play the role of the infamous alien creature, and it’s your job to slay the humans who roam the planet.
The visuals are fairly impressive and there are an abundance of sound effects pulled from the Predator movies, which gives it that genuine Predator movie feel. Early reviews are mixed, but the main gripe seems to bad that as well as having to pay for the game, there are also opportunities to part with more of your cash in-game.
The game will cost you $2.90, and weighs in around 100MB, so ensure you’re on Wifi before downloading it.

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Today’s Apps

Qloud Media
Trial: Qloud Media Free
Having Qloud Media, you can have personal multimedia theater over the air!
You can easily share video, music and pictures from your PC to Android devices. No copy or encode is needed, just install proper server software on your PC and you can enjoy video, music and pictures anytime and anywhere!
$0.99 – was $2.99

Track Your Plan
Trial: N/A
This application is a real time plan tracker for Android phones (not just a phone usage tracker).
It means it helps you track your plan as your carrier tracks it.
It provides you notifications and widget gauges to always know how much you’ve consumed and avoid crazy bills (we all pay much enough on mobile plans). TYP doesn’t connect to your carrier, and instead uses the call log and phone statistics to estimate your plan consumption.
Online sync with your personal space on www.trackmyplan.com where you can share your consumption with the rest of your family (or whoever you want) and track it in real time through charts and statistics. Sync allows shared plan support (voice, texts, data).
$1.21 – was $2.57

Today’s Games

Pipe Swipe
Trial: Pipe Swipe Lite
You are the best paint mixer we’ve got! Get down to the factory & start mixing.
Your job is simple, get the paint from one end of the factory to the other! Don’t forget sometimes you need to mix colors together, or split them apart! There’s also the fact you can’t always see the end, the paint will start flowing without you realising, some pipes are faster than others…. Nothing you can’t handle though!
$0.99 – was $2.38

Droid Machine Pro
Trial: Droid Machine
Droid Machine is a construction game with 2D physics.Your mission is to build a machine with physic entities to collide yellow elements.
This version provides access to online levels. You can publish your levels and solutions. You can play levels published by other and try to have a better score.
The solutions of the series are also available online.
$0.99 – was $2.47

Trial: Enigm Lite
Enigm, an original riddle game.
Enigm is the second opus of the famous brain teaser game : EnigmOn which was ranked #1 in France.
Enigm offers original and interactive puzzles which are going to severely test your logic, ingenuity and sense of observation.
Always keep in mind that your phone and its features (touch screen, vibrator, accelerometer…) are an integral part of the riddles.
Do you think you can get through it ?
Download it to find out !
$0.99 – was $1.49

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