Optus has just announced the latest in their 4G plans, introducing pre-paid options for customers who own their own 4G compatible handset or as of Friday they will be be able to choose from two prepaid 4G mobile broadband device bundles a 4G USB dongle as well as a 4G portable WiFi modem that can connect up to ten devices over Wi-Fi.

Mirroring offerings on their other plans, Optus is offering unlimited mobile access to social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, eBay, Foursquare and LinkedIn as part of their pre-paid 4G bundles.

Currently Optus has 4G coverage in selected areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane CBD, Surfers Paradise, Perth and the Greater Newcastle and Hunter regions but will be extending their coverage out to other major metropolitan areas throughout the mobile network.

With no Optus 4G coverage in Canberra and the HSPA+ only Nexus 4 launching tomorrow I personally am not looking to upgrade my Optus 3G pre-paid plan to a 4G plan however there has been a number of calls for a pre-paid option on Optus and now they have satisfied the demands. Are you interested in a 4G Optus pre-paid plan?

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This plan replaced the Turbo Cap Plus Plans and is consistant with what has been happening with prepaid and postpaid plans, value is decreasing, less calls, less data. I personally an not ready for a 4G phone but a 4G tablet would be great.


I have a Telstra pre-paid wifi modem and pay $180 for 12gb with 365 day expiry and NO excess charges ever! When you run out of data it just doesn’t let you access the Internet until you buy more which means zero chance of bill shock. VASTLY superior option, and it’s not even new.


anaemic data allowances and excess charged at $2096 per Gigabyte? No thanks

Matt Booth

$50 gets 2.5gb on Optus or 3.8gb on Telstra, hmm.. Not a hard choice there! But it doesn’t even matter for the Nexus 4 people 😉


here on the south coast of NSW, I would be happy with a more consistent 3G service from optus !


28 day expiry… you don’t even get a month. At that level the year becomes 13.035 months a year…


Seems they are going this way… My Vodafone $30 Pre-Paid that I have been on for ages recently moved from 30 days to 28 days 🙁


+1 for Nexus 4…who’s staying up till midnight?

Daniel Tyson

Heck yeah, 🙂


Totally. Although I can imagine that they’d actually go on sale at ‘normal’ times, i.e. 9am.