Update, 5.10pm AEST It appears the 32 GB Nexus 10 is also sold out! [Jason]

Update, 5.00pm AEST At some point during the afternoon it looks like the bumpers for the Nexus 4 went on sale, and have also sold out. It’s a bit disappointing that they weren’t available when the device was in stock earlier. Did you get a bumper AND a Nexus 4? [Jason]

Update, 2.19pm AEST Looks like the 8 GB Nexus 4 is also sold out (thanks, mohammad_danish). We’re also seeing reports from some users that the Nexus 10 is showing as Coming Soon, although I’ve not been able to verify this personally. [Jason]

Update, 12.46pm AEST It looks like 16 GB Nexus 4’s are sold out, taking just 22 mins to do so. Ausdroid reader mi7k alerted us to the page’s return to ‘Coming Soon’. Hope you got your order in, everyone!

After the Google ‘Playground is Open’ event was cancelled last month due to Hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast of the US, the Nexus 4 and 10 were added to the Google Play Store with a promise to start accepting orders on the 13th of November, whilst it got off to a late start, they are now available to order to Australians in the Devices section of the Google Play Store.

The Nexus 4 comes with either 8GB of onboard storage for $349 or for $399 with 16GB on-board, both devices attract a $19.99 delivery fee which promises delivery within 3-5 business days.

The Nexus 10 is available to order with onboard storage options of 16Gb for $469 or 32Gb for $569 with delivery setting you back $19.99 with delivery promised within 3-5 Business days.

Still waiting on the 32GB 3G enabled Nexus 7to be available to order the page still currently advises that it ‘is not available in your country’ but we’ve heard it’s due to start arriving at bricks and mortar retailers around the end of this month, so its arrival in the Play Store can’t be too far away.

No sign of the Nexus 4 wireless charging orb that was shown off on the introductory video hosted on TheVerge at the launch of the new Nexus devices, however there is now a bumper accessory for the Nexus 4 showing as coming soon for $19.99. So, inductive charging will have to wait until Google announces price and availability for the orb, in the meantiome the QI enabled Nokia Charging matt which arrives in Australia with the launch of the Lumia 920 later this month will work I’m told by reliable sources(LG).

No information is known about the supply chain of the Nexus 4 or Nexus 10, however the Nexus 7 has so far shipped out of Expansys in Hong Kong via FedEx so something similar is expected for the newest phone and tablet in the Nexus line.

So there they are, go get them. Remember to let us know in the comments which model/s you’ve ordered and of course when you’ve got a shipping notification.

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Ordered the N4 at 12.20pm Tues and have got notification that it has been shipped today Wed. Cant wait.


Woohoo – http://i.imgur.com/h4pY9.png – Just got shipping information from Google. Expected tomorrow before 5pm. Here’s hoping.


Anyone who had brought Nexus before can confirm that the invoice has ABN?? I wanna refund the tax!

PS: Google Play has changed “Notify me” into “Sold Out”, it might be due to the ambiguity of description.


i wonder why we still can’t get our hands on the nexus 7 3g version yet – even though the google blog mentioned that we should have been able to get it yesterday!!! lol


I think it was only officially released in the USA for now. I checked the google play store using a USA proxy and can see it’s available as an option for US$299.

Greg Bell

Looking at the time stamps on some of the comments here, are you sure your times are in AEST (Qld) and not AEDT (NSW, Vic, ACT)? You also mixed them up in a previous post and I think from memory you’ve said you’re in Canberra. I just want to know if I was driving to work or working when they went on sale so I can have fully informed disappointment.

Daniel Tyson

They were EDT : Eastern Daylight Time, there is a lot of confusion as some people use AEST Australian Eastern Summer Time to denote daylight savings. Basically the times we put are NSW Time.

Daniel Tyson

Missed out on a bumper for my 16GB Nexus 4, after ordering that I decided to then grab the 16GB Nexus 10. Just need a Bumper now, anyone got a spare??


Just noticed that my order now says

Delivery estimate 15 November 2012

Here’s hoping that it actually arrives then.


out of interest, at checkout did you uncheck the option to link the device to your google account? also what time did you order?

i left it checked by default, and mine doesn’t have any delivery or shipping estimates yet. i ordered at approx 12:35 UTC+11. My bumper says shipping estimate 15th Nov.


Actually, I never saw the option, although I was ordering 2 phones so it might’ve removed it from the checkout screen. I wasn’t able to get an bumpers though, just had the notify email box.


And now it’s changing back to shipping estimate. Damn you Google, stop playing with my emotions.


Does anyone know how I can search for the Nexus hardware on the play store ? There’s no hardware category !

Luke Monahan

There’s a “Devices” link on the front page. Here’s the direct link:



thanks mate, got it


The 16GB Nexus 10 is still in stock for me

Stephen Crisafulli

What the hell did they only have 50 phones or something, looks like only people who work at a computer or dont work had any chance of ordering. DAMIT i wanted this phone first


Maybe in a few years time Google will actually understand how to sell stuff on the internet.


Absolutely stoked that I got a 16GB Nexus 4 in the 22 minutes it was on sale. I went to the order page when I woke up – coming soon. Checked it when I got to work – coming soon. Went to a meeting, came back, ordered!!!

Justin Lee

Was there a limit to how many you can purchase in one order?

Sean Kavanagh

So for those of us that got an order in, anyone get a shipping advice yet?


I checked at 12:00AM, 7AM, 12PM, 5PM… Avaiable 13th November.
I’m so disgusted with Google I’ve bought my 1st Apple product, an iFad 4 with Retina bursting screen.


Google $uck$

farking useless idiots… then they complain Oz aint a big enough market so we have to charge more.


I checked the Nexus 4 on the site all day/ all morning. The notifications on their site don’t work. I signed up for notification and I received nothing. Sold out as soon as they went on sale. Not happy google.


sold out in 20 minutes. Went on sale at a completely random time. Googles notifications didn’t work. Complete bullshit google.




damn right


Dang right! I was checking the site midnight and then in the morning at work. then it goes on sale while i am at lunch without any Email notification… What a good time to kick off sales Google…

Greg McPherson

Really really not handled well there Google.
At least up up a “Sold Out” sign.
Stop people checking in thinking the phones are going to be on sale later today.

And no notifications. If you aren’t gonna send the emails, don’t ask people to sign up.

Not good.




Right on, mate.

I just hope that Google explained why they sold out so quickly and how they intend to improve their communications with their customers. Using the “underestimating demand” excuse is just BS. There are ways to gauge interest in a product before launch to estimate demand. It just a matter of using the right tools (and people).

Chris Spencer

Super stoked I got a 16gb Nexus 4. Now I just want the bumper cases to be available, not coming soon.. wireless charger would be nice also 😉

Greg McPherson

Well, that’s another irritation. The bumper, the charger, a car kit, a Miracast HDMI dongle for your TV… why aren’t they just ready and available? Why can’t you line this stuff up neatly Googs?

Sell a $400 phone, and sell an extra $200 of bits as well….

Chris Spencer

Absolutely good call greg!


And we get charged postage on each right? Well done.


Exactly. How can they also not have the accessories. They announced this a month ago. Er.. maybe start manufacturing a bit earlier?


I managed to purchase bumper for the very brief period they were on sale in Aus at 14:19pm UTC+11 (nearly 2 hours after I bought the 16GB N7).

Expensive though – the bill came to AUD$30.98 including the shipping…


I was at work 🙁 stupid cod launch phone blocking me

Andrew N-w B

Lame, totally should have taken my lunch break at 12 today


Spewing! had been refreshing all day (from midnight). I was away from my computer for just a while after 12. Even the refreshes up to half an hour ago were saying ‘available Tuesday 13th November’. WTF. They better get some more out quick smart


8GB N4 is also out of stock now

Daniel Farrugia

Looks like the 8gb Nexus 4 is now sold out as well 🙁

Steven Chen

refreshed every 30 min but still, missed out the 16GB! was sad for a few while, but soon I turned out to order a 8GB instead plus a Nexus 10, whatsoever, it’s Nexus, I can still get it on hand on 15th, and saved $50, that’s enough for me. I already have a Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 for girlfriend. happy.

gerard currie

8g now sold out too


Half happy and half not!!
Ordered my Nexus 10 32GB, but couldn’t order the Nexus 4 16GB 🙁
Is it sold out for sure or is it just not ready yet to be sold?
I’ve been refreshing the page since 12 a.m and never comes to add to cart!!!

Mohammad Danish

They just removed “Available for purchase on Tuesday, Nov. 13th” from the 16GB Nexus 4 page. There’s goes my hope, now I believe it really is out of stock 🙁

Luke Monahan

It was gone, but now it’s back (Edit: and now it’s gone again — must be a change that’s finding it’s way around different mirrors?).

8GB Nexus is now unavailable also, also without the “Available for purchase on …” box.

No idea what this means, if anything. I won’t try and divine anything from it.

Mohammad Danish

The bumper is in stock !

Alexei Watson

nexus 10 is coming from Singapore according to my confirmation email.


16gb nexus 4 order in. thank god I didn’t give my f5 key a rest for the last few hours.


LOL what a joke. Stick 500 units up on the Aussie Play store and watch them sell out in 20 mins – bam! Worldwide publicity. Google you’re no better than Apple.


You’re no better for making this up. We don’t know how many were in stock.


Thats a bit premature…who knows how many thousands were bought by us Aussies?

Darren Kemp

Got my 32GB Nexus 10 ordered, but I was hoping that the smart cover would also be available

Iain Simmons

Are you kidding me? No notification, and that’s with 2 emails addresses!


I find that you never get the notification email at the actual launch. it is usually later in the day.


Just ordered a 16GB one before it was out of stock. In the forum, there are quite a lot of Apple fans said Google is going to “Hungry sales”. Anyone has some ideas?


It’s possible, but I doubt it.


i picked up an 8gb, dont really need 16. happy (:


I’m in the States, and I am so jealous of you guys!


Your time will come my Nexus friend!


So WTF was the notify me option there for. I haven’t been notified and now they are all gone. I wanted to try something other than an iPhone for once. F U Google!


Remember that Notify Me never notifies you when it actually first appears. I can see you getting an email later today.


Yeah. I’m just so disappointed. I have been refreshing all day and then got stuck with customers at 12. Once they left I was too late. Fingers crossed Google doesn’t take too long to get more stock. Maybe at least let me order one.


still no email.


I can tell there is no notification email throughout the world even in US….


I got the same thing. Their notifications dont work.


So much for switching from iphone4 … sold out. gg

Happy Nexus 10 guy

got my nexus 10 32gb by monitoring the news updates from this website…yeah !.


very happy i dedicated today to refreshing the 16gb nexus 4 page. order in


i hear ya….wasnt suprised it would be sold out pretty quickly


When did they go on sale? I’d been looking at the site all morning


i checked at about 12:20 and they were in stock. ordered straight away


wow, they must have sold out quick I was checking the site all morning. I was the 8gb’s on sale but was after the 16gb.


I got in with the 10′ 32gb, they are still up so I guess selling bit slower than the 16gb 4’s


Devastated. F5 all day, then take 15 minutes to do something else and its gone. No point even worrying about the 8gb really.


Damn! You stepped away for just a bit. That sucks!

Justin Zobel

You were getting laid during the middle of the day? Get a job you useless bum.

Looks like the 16GB model sold out in under half an hour.

Damon Lewis

I got an order for the Nexus 10 32GB in


good job!


Far out it sold out….


16GB Nexus 4 run out? 8GB still available…

Jon Dor

Whoah… 16GB Nexus 4 sold out in 20 minutes flat? Glad I was quick! Shipping estimate: Nov 15 🙂

Trent Hill

I’ve ordered a 16G Nexus 10 but I too only have the option of “Notify Me” on the 16G Nexus 4 🙁