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Update : It’s far from official but there is some discussion on the Nexus 4 Whirlpool thread that indicates that orders will go live at 12:01am PST in the US which equates to 4:00PM AWST or 7:00PM AEDT.

If you’ve been trying to order your Nexus 4 and 10 in Australia so far you would have been left a little frustrated, the devices are still not up for order as yet despite having been November 13th for the last 6.5 hours. According to a post from Stefan Keuchel, a PR Manager at Google in Germany, the Nexus 4 and 10 devices will not be going on-sale in the Google Play Store in Europe till around breakfast time in Germany, if we take 7am as ‘Breakfast Time’ in Germany, in Australia that equates to :

  • 5pm in Sydney/Melbourne/Hobart (AEST)
  • 4:30pm in Adelaide (CDT)
  • 4pm in Brisbane (AEDT)
  • 3:30pm in Darwin
  • 2pm in Perth

I know many people who were up at Midnight waiting for the Playground to become Open, myself included however we will have to wait a little while longer. Google’s phone help line has not been advised at exactly what time the tablet and phone will be available for order and I still haven’t heard back from Google Australia as to the exact time for the launch so the above times really are rather rough. As soon as I hear anything, of course I’ll update here first.

Source: Stefan Keuchel Google+Android Central.
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Dan Johnson

Well i guess there will not be music available on app store anytime soon. Just read an article that google made a mistake when announcing Australia and Canada


Up now as at 12 noon Adelaide Time.

Still shows the message on the right but allows you to add to Cart and purchase.


Anyone here ordered the Nexus 10 yet?

Zac Barton

Yea I got the 4 and 10.


just successfully ordered mine. whoooo


I just ordered mine and its 11:30 am in QLD

senhor roo

They’re ON SALE NOW! RUN!!!


What the hell! I thought it was going to be later this afternoon???


And then they were gone. N10 still there but no more N4… Sold out?


Its up for sale ppl…just ordered mine. Yippee


It’s on sale now, your predictions were wrong 🙂

Zac Barton

Ordering is live. Just ordered mine 🙂


what time did the n7 go on sale the day of release?

Daniel Tyson

Weird, bricks and mortar stores are saying they’re getting it in. Have to wait a bit before jumping down that hole but nice find, cheers.

Dan Johnson

Please please let there be a music button on my play store at the same time….

Ron Sykes

Is it just me or has the price gone up about $100

Luke Monahan

Nope. You might have the $US prices in mind?


That’s everything you need to know about the difference between Google & Apple.

If it was Apple there’d be sad people people queueing in the rain around the block for a precisely specified & localised time of availability.

With Google similarly sad people (like me) wait behind a keyboard, furiously pressing refresh, but in the comfort of their kitchen for an ill-defined moment of availability.

Brad H.


I’m in Adelaide, and I just refreshed the page at 9am local time, and they are now IN STOCK, and available to purchase.

Greg Bell

Still says coming soon for me :(.

Brad H.

Damn it, I was looking at the Nexus 7. False alarm guys.


I was waiting impatiently at 12:00am. Still waiting at work now at 9:30am. Does anyone know of any retailers who will have stock today??


If it doesn’t go on sale until 4pm then the likelihood of it shipping today is rather remote, meaning that they likely wouldn’t arrive until Friday/Monday :'(


Got the AEST vs AEDT mixed up. Brisbane is standard time and the southeners are daylight savings time. I was up at midnight last night. And then I had a sick toddler so I was checking the site while cuddling him

Dylan Xavier

What about breakfast time in Sydney? We have breakfast too!




Pretty bad they are not showing local time given they know exactly where you are (or opening at 00:00 local time). I assume its synchronised at 00:00 somewhere on the planet (probably in US)…


So it going to be 00:00 New York or Califorina time, so that 4PM or 7PM AEST,

Nils Mueller

was wandering but. ill buy it when i get home from school.


I’ll admit I was disappointed. Glad I called it quits at 00:30