Shipping notifications have just started being received by people who purchased the 16GB Nexus 4 yesterday. Notifications supply a FedEx Tracking number and advise that they are shipping out of Tsuen Wan in Hong Kong and the estimated delivery date is the 15th of November at 5pm. So far there is not much information other than that in the tracking details.

I ordered a Nexus 10 separately about 5 minutes after the Nexus 4 but so far haven’t received a notification regarding that as yet. Let us know in the comments if you have received a shipping notification for your Nexus Device and what did you order?

Source: Google.
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just received notification that my N4 is at the local fedex facility in HK – more than 48 hours after google told me it was shipped… the countdown has begun!

Daniel Tyson

Mine just updated as well, left FedEx Facility in Hong Kong!!


Mine still says Initiated 🙁 Doesn’tlook like it will be this week.


Same here. Sydney as well. As far as I can see from the comments:

1) Fedex seems to have flight delays
2) VIC and WA seems to get an estimated delivery date.

3) The few still on Initiated seems to be for Sydney

Can anybody confirm that?

All the time I hope its just a glitch in their system and somebody will ring any sec at my door :'(


Melb here. Still on “initiated”. and as it just passed the estimated delivery date of 5:00pm today, changed estimate to N/A 🙁


Damn it…that sounds bad.
I’m going for travel on Saturday morning. Really hopped I would have my new shiny N4 by then.
Seems like I will have to wait way longer now…


Damn it:

Estimated delivery :
Mon 11/19/2012 6:00 pm

6:34 pm Left FedEx origin facility


ditto. can’t complain too much though, considering we actually managed to snag one


Same same, though my mates who ordered it at the same time is still at origin facility…Muhuhaha!!!

As a side note his weighs 700gms where as mine weighs 500gms…wtf


Yeah baby…

12:01 pm On FedEx vehicle for delivery ALEXANDRIA AU
It’s almost here… that went suddenly very fast!


Arrived…his 200gms heavier was the same…


did anyone get there n4


Fedex flight delays I was told. Looks like tomorrow. On the bright side spoke to a hot sounding gal at Google California who said it still hadn’t left Hong Kong

Sean Kavanagh

Fedex says mine is now in Sydney, just working out if it will get out here on a truck today or if I will head down to Rydalmere to pick it up before they close at 6.30pm…happy times


Looks like there are Fedex flight delays according to the Fedex customer rep i just spoke with. Don’t look like we’ll be getting the Nexus 4 today


When they have a car dock and desktop dock I will order one.


Amen. That’s the main I’m holding onto my GNex for the moment. Google’s worked out their distro, now they need to concentrate on accessories


sometimes I wonder why I torture myself by reading shipping estimates for a product I couldn’t even order… *sigh*

Chris Spencer

Yup. Mine should be here in Perth by 5pm Friday……everything crossed..

Dimitrios Rossios

Got my notification earlier too….hopefully an arrival tomorrow according to their email


Shipment Dates
Anticipated ship date: Nov 13, 2012
Estimated delivery: Nov 15, 2012 by 5:00 PM
Destination: RICHMOND VIC AU

YAY!! Although knowing my luck I will be at work when they try and deliver 🙁


Mine just says shipment information sent to Fed-Ex. Anyone else? Or do some people’s say shipped?


Thought i should explain, this on on the Fed Ex website after clicking the tracking number. 8gb N4


Mine says shipped on Tuesday 13th. Estimated delivery tomorrow, 15th Nov.


Anticipated ship date or shipped? Is this on my account, email or fed-ex?


On the FedEx tracking website – it says it was shipped Tuesday 13th. Estimated delivery 15th. Going by Nexus 7 order last week, this would seem correct. They are pretty damn quick at delivering shit. At the latest I’d expect it Friday morning of the 16th.


Anticipated ship date
Nov 13, 2012

Estimated delivery
Nov 15, 2012 by 5:00 PM

Nov 13, 2012 6:10 AM
Shipment information sent to FedEx

all ive got so far 🙁

Paul B

Ship (P/U) date :
Tues 11/13/2012

Estimated delivery :
Thur 11/15/2012 5:00 pm


… debates down voting everyone who is getting a N4 out of spite…


Stephen Crisafulli

Bastards all of em

Dylan Lindgren

Yep got mine too via email, 13 minutes ago. I’d assume that means it’s likely to be received before the weekend, however I’ve had many packages that I’ve been hoping would come on Friday that end up coming on Monday so I’m not getting my hopes up.


That’s it. Now I’m tempted to constantly refresh my mailbox in anticipation of the delivery advise email!

Dylan Lindgren

If you log into Google Play, go right down the bottom to “My Orders & Settings” you might see your Nexus order has updated to “Shipped” before you receive the email.


Still shows “shipping estimate: 15th Nov”. Oh well. Maybe I might get a nice surprise tomorrow morning.


Just received the email notification. Looks like we’re all in the same boat er … plane. 🙂


Just got my shipping notification. WOOHOO! Can’t wait to get it. Hopefully before the weekend. 🙂


mine says it’s shipping from Singapore

Daniel Tyson

Mine was charged in Singapore and that’s what it has on the invoice, same as my Nexus 7 but is shipping from Hong Kong.


yep, mine was updated to HK on the FedEx page (else i was looking at the wrong thing)


Just got min right now (2033 Adelaide time) advising delivery by Thursday 15th @5pm.

Dylan Lindgren

Delivery *BY* the 15th?


I noticed the delivery update on the play site this morning but just got the email now. If I go to sleep now it’ll get here quicker 😀


Did any one who used the refresh hack to order it get a notification?

Adrian Mace

Called up FedEx and got a tracking number before Google has mentioned anything, all my statues in the Play Store orders seem unchanged though and so nope, nothing yet here.

Jason Lockart

Did you buy a N10? Do you have any idea when it’s supposed to turn up?

Adrian Mace

nope I bought a N4 16GB. Just got the email saying my package has been shipped while typing this message. LOL sorry bout that man, I’m sure yours will turn up just as quickly. Expect Monday / Tuesday. 🙂