Google+ has just started allowing you to share Google Play apps with the option to purchase/install the app right in your post. You simply paste the URL to the App from Google Play and it shows up as a post in your stream, this works from both the web interface and the Google Play/Google+ app on your Android device. It does not appear to work for other content in Google Play, when I tried sharing Movies, Magazines and Books the Purchase/Rent option was not present for those items.

If you choose to install the app you see in someones stream you will be taken to the corresponding Google Play page and be prompted with the usual ‘Checkout’ window where you select which device you want to install to and confirm your intention to purchase or install the app.

You can share Tracks with the option to buy the track/album automatically showing up in your post however with no Google Music access in Australia this isn’t an option for us as yet but if you have already setup Google Music using a proxy you can of course share music.

I’m all for more sharing options and this way of doing it is in my opinion far superior to options in Twitter and Facebook. I’m still not a big poster on Google+ but I certainly do read my stream constantly so I look forward to seeing more apps in there which I can try out.