If you’re like some of us, you’re upset that you’ve missed out on getting a Nexus 4 or Nexus 10 in the first round of orders. We know a lot of people missed out, and we’d like to help cheer you up. Geoff found this for us before, and we thought it worthy of sharing for a giggle.

We present, for your amusement, yet another take on the rant from Hitler’s Downfall, this time, he’s ranting because his officers failed to get the Nexus 4 order in on time. Woops!

We know this kind of humour isn’t for everyone, so we apologise in advance if you find it offensive, but having watched it myself, I can say that there’s nothing unsafe for work here, just a lighthearted laugh at a completely over-parodied video segment.

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    Steven Underpunch

    Sold my note, wanted a Nexus 4 but got an iPhone 5. Very happy. This thing smokes. Pair my iPhone with a Nexus 7 and I well and truly have the best of both worlds. I know people say LTE doesn’t matter, but it does. I also have DC-HSPA+ with the iPhone, but when in range I can crank this baby up to 60mb/s up. No going back!

    Tim Drough

    Thank you for sharing this… I too was bitter after getting up at midnight and then missing out because of work, but this has certainly lightened my mood. Trust you will keep us up to date with any news on the new batch.

    David Anderton

    So annoyed I missed out. Pissed on Googles comments about the S.D card and now pissed I signed up for a Nexus 4 and they never emailed me anything!

    Joey Tribbiani

    If I don’t get my order in for the second batch I will cry!

    Frank from Melbourne

    just got my delivery notice, it said by Friday 16th at 5pm…..going to be a nerdfest weekend….any one else got their order updated ?

    Frank from Melbourne

    forgot to mention…I ordered nexus 10 tablet only


    I know exactly how he feels. Maybe I can freeze myself for a couple of weeks until new stock arrives.

    Nils Mueller

    any one know how long it usualy takes to restock phone? days weeks or months?

    Nils Mueller

    should i buy a bumper case?
    the device is 9.1 mm thick and on google play it says the case is also 9.1 mm thick.
    does any one know if the case acturley prevents the back glass from touching something like a table when i put it down?


    Can’t advise on the case, but from memory in a review somewhere it’s
    designed to go face down without scratching the front (not back down).
    Test it out and see. My guess is the case will mostly help if you drop it on it’s edge..

    David Anderton

    Wondering if 3rd party cases will allow wireless charging