There was a true frenzy of purchasing that occurred on Tuesday, when Google opened orders for the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10. The 16GB Nexus 4 16GB sold out in what I calculated to be 22 minutes, while the 8GB version lasted a little over an hour and a half – in which time our own Jedi, Geoff Fieldew, ordered his 8GB Nexus 4.

Unfortunately it seems this morning that the Play Store team from Google has sent Geoff some bad news in the form of the email you see below. They don’t have enough stock of the Nexus 4 to satisfy demand, and his order has now been placed on back order with shipment expected in 3 weeks.

This scenario seems to be occuring around the world, with customers in the UK and the US also reporting receipt of such emails. It seems Google really underestimated the popularity of the Nexus 4.

Have you awoken to similar bad news this morning? Did you order an 8GB or 16GB? Tell us in the comments.

Thanks: Geoff.
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If you got that email, at least you were able to place an order. some of us are at the mercy of when Google decide to allow us to order the phone. Your guaranteed a slot when the devices become available. Whos to say I will get a phone when it goes back into stock? Despite me refreshing the page every 5 minutes. hate you google. Let us pre-order


come on google!!! I missed the sales and now it turned out SOld Out. really pissed me off!!! I desperately want a nexus 4!!!


That is why you didn’t snag one. You can get a second round offer through ebay. They are only $600.

Sean Kavanagh

Had to laugh at the poor FedEx guy in Sydney. I reckon that there was at least 5 or 6 people picking up Nexus 4 size boxes when I was getting mine and more turning up. Good luck to those still waiting. A few hours with it and I can say it will be worth the wait.

Barry king

wish you would spell AUSTRALIA right!!!

Daniel Tyson

Fixed, sorry wrote this at the end of a 12 hour night shift.


For those of you who have theirs already – is it Made in Korea like the pictures say or Made in China?


If it’s going to be three weeks for those who have already ordered, I doubt the rest of us are getting one anytime soon. They should have released a week or so early to Australia as a test market to gauge demand!!

David Anderton

Funny that all the people that got the phone on order are calling the people complaining bitches when they would probably be doing the same if they had also missed out. I can understand a great product selling out, but its very stupid giving people an email option to let those eager for the product know they can get it and then not informing them and its also stupid not to have an order sstem with an expected delivery date. I would just like to buy the thing even if it says delivery in 1 month and I expect others… Read more »


Just got my 16gb Nexus 4 🙂


You don’t happen to live in Perth do you? A few guys from Perth on the Whirlpool forum has mentioned that they have got their phones.

Brian Hislop

Free shipping?!?!?!? Win!!!! (Glass half full)


My 8GB Nexus 4 arrived! …except I wasn’t home, so I rang FedEx to arrange pickup from their site tomorrow. Woohoo!

Lololol blah

So annoying, I actually finished work and hoping to order the n4 that day when I found out the 16gb version was sold out.


Mine looking good too. Currently in transit in Hong Kong.Expecting it Monday


Glass half full?? Does this mean the next order frenzy is due in 3 weeks time??


According to fedex my 8GB Nexus 4 is “On FedEx vehicle for delivery”. Nice!


I don’t understand why they can’t let us order one now and put it on back order! This really is a case of “Shut up and take my money!”

senhor roo

Managing expectations and peoples experience is my guess – common sense
says pre-order but people aren’t necessarily prone to begin patient when
they really want something even when you know the facts.

If you order and they say 4 weeks and it takes 4 weeks and 2 days enough people will feel entitled enough to have an absolute tanty, get angry to make it so they feel negative about the phone/Google before they even get it.

By only selling what is limited to the immediate pipeline then it reduces the chances of people without patience/perspective having a negative “entitled” experience!

Worn out F5

Everyone wanted the phone to be a big hit and were saying it was going to be popular, now that it’s sold out people are bagging Google that’s it’s phone is too popular?

Google, just let us preorder …or post-order now that it has been released!


All looks good for me. Currently In Transit and should arrive Monday. Although I really do feel for all those that have missed out initially, there are a number of people acting like pathetic, spoilt little kids. Sure, it’s frustrating, it’s annoying, and Google definitely have a lot of work to do in order to keep their customers properly informed about the situation. The Play Store and Google Wallet needs a lot of work done so that it can correctly and accurately handle such a high volume of sales – which quite clearly it can’t at the moment. I ordered… Read more »


Well said!


It will arrive, in fact, mine just did! Wasn’t supposed to get here until Monday. Nice little surprise for the weekend. 🙂


Let the rage commence

Peter M

I haven’t received the above email yet. But haven’t received a shipping notification either. Expect the above soon 🙁
Going to attempt to get them to reduce the price on the actual phone due to the hassles 😉

Greg Bell

$20 worth of free shipping isn’t enough for you? If you get this email then you’re still in a better position than everyone who missed out. Think of it as being first in the pre-order queue.

Geoff Fieldew

The Play Store is gaining a reputation for itself. Good, cheap products that may ship on time if you’re lucky 🙁


Thankfully I haven’t got one of these emails. Checking FedEx tracking is looks like mine is in transit but now expected on Monday before 6pm 🙁


same here Andrew, was really looking forward to a Friday Delivery.


Indeed. I just sold my S2 last night. Don’t think I like the idea of being phoneless for 3 days 🙁


great news! just refreshed the fedex tracking page, looks like the parcel is in Alexandria Aus, it’s likely that it will be delivered today itself despite the estimated date of 19th. can’t wait. i think i’ll give them a call to have a better idea about whats going on

Steven Chen

great news! but how come mine is still in transit in HK


Yeah, I see that too. Needs to get up to Brisbane first though 🙁 Might need to drive to the airport to collect it. Guy on the phone said if it arrives after 10:30 they won’t deliver it today 🙁

senhor roo

I live in the area want my to pick it up and maybe umm hold it for you for a bit? 😉