You may recall a month or so ago, Google pushed out version 3.9.16 of their Google Play store, which brought us, among other things, the new Wishlists feature. And by now you may have noticed that these new wishlist items can’t be removed once added.

It seems Google have realised this and have reportedly started pushing out a new Google play update, which now adds a delete button for Wishlist items. Sitting at version 3.10.9, the update brings only minor changes and fixes.

Aside from the Wishlist delete button, the post installation screen has changed. After clicking install on an app, you’re no longer taken back to the app’s page. Instead you’re presented with a screen listing a number of similar apps, and a “keep shopping” button. If this button is pressed, it’s then that you’re taken back to the app’s page.

There’s now also a translate option available. If your system language is set to something other than English, a translate button will be displayed beside an app’s description.

If you’d rather not wait for Google to push the update to your device, and want to grab it now, hit up the source for the apk download.

Source: kickedface.
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    Ben Liu

    Sigh.. The two things I am REALLY looking for in the App Store are:
    1) Filter and stop an application from upgrading to newer version
    2) Rollback of app to an older version

    This is because the updates to the applications can very much be pot-shot and often then not, will break a perfectly good application due to a lack of testing. I’ve had several well known applications that forced me to restore from backup and took them another 4 weeks to fix (if at all, like the DLink Application).

    Brian Hislop

    1) Just turn off automatic updates?? Or leave them on by default, and turn them off for any apps that you don’t want to auto-update …

    Ben Liu

    All of my apps are already off for “Allow automatic updating”. However, it still bugs you on the main screen to say that automatic updates are still available. You cant use the “update all” function to do only the ones you want to do and not the ones you dont. Its a pain in the butt to update each individually and the store is buggy when you do more than a few at a time (hangs on download).

    Brian Hislop

    All very good points 🙂


    This is a good update with the post app screen and translation. Now they need to fix the problem with losing scroll position, short app lists (history), listview alpha scroller should be in portions of Play (and used more extensively across Android). I wish apps could be added to the wishlist as more of a bookmark as when the app has already been installed you cannot add it to wishlist.

    You know what I realised? Items can’t be added to the wishlist from the Play Store website.