Nexus 10 orders arriving now in Australia – Have you got yours? What do you think?

Along with Nexus 4 orders from Google Play arriving in Australia, FedEx is also working over-time to deliver the Samsung built Nexus 10 to their new Australian owners. A number of people on Twitter are reporting that they have received their new tablet. We haven’t actually seen the tablet as yet but from my first impressions of the tablet, it’s a decent tablet, has a nice soft touch back on it very similar to the Nexus 7 and the front facing speakers look and sound brilliant and the screen is simply stunning.

Now, what do you think of your Nexus 10? What is your main use case for a 10″ Tablet?

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  • Pretty good, fast delivery. Crashed a couple times especially with Chrome but otherwise it's working pretty well. Feels great too - next step is to find a nice case for it but unfortunately there aren't any good cases around.

  • I dislike the big phone UI, the lack of codecs (compared to Samsung devices) and I think the quick settings could be improved (I'm used to them being toggles from Galaxy devices). Other than that I'm really enjoying it so far. Super fast, great multi tasking, drains battery like crazy though!

  • Just a tip to other new Nexus 10 fellows, I purchased a "
    Micro USB Host Mode OTG Cable" for $4 and a "SanDisk Genuine 32GB Cruzer Fit mini USB Flash" for $22 and now I watch all the movies I want using an app called "nexus Media Importer". now my internal storage is only used for apps as my docs are stored in the cloud... hope this helps others

  • Got mine this morning, just opened it then. Did anyone else have trouble with wifi? never had an issue connecting devices to my wifi before, this simply refuses to connect, and the setup wont let me do anything else until it does

  • Got mine since Friday evening and can't stop playing with it all weekend! These are my early impression:

    The tablet actually looks good, all matte black and comes across as more coherent design-wise than the Tab 2 10.1. The dual speaker setup is a nice detail and to me represents a way forward for tablet speakers (please no more back facing mono-speakers!) - they're suitably loud and clear too.

    Solid feel overall, nice grippy rubber-like finish back, although I feel the removable dimpled soft-touch texture at the top should have been the main material as it feels really good, better than Nexus 7's version, IMO. Yes, do expect messy smudges from your sweaty palms/fingers on the grippy back - it is THAT smudgy.

    The screen...ah yes...the screen. I have to admit I do have extremely high expectations for the display, and the Nexus 10's did the part...mostly. Where it falls short IMO are the viewing angles and contrast. Might be just my unit, but I feel the off-angle viewing (especially at diagonals) the screen gets washed out with the backlighting hue of blue overtaking the images. Very apparent when viewing dark content like movies. There is a little light bleed on one corner at max brightness but inconsequential at 50%. The air-gap between glass and actual display plane is quite apparent too, resulting in very reflective appearance overall. Colours are warm, warmer than my T Prime side-by-side, and blacks are somewhat less deep too comparatively, probably due to the lower contrast of the Nexus 10. I do really want to love the screen, but it was a mixed bag of feelings to me. Don't get me wrong, might be just my unit, and head-on the display is great - pin sharp text/detail and all.

    The performance on the other hand redeemed it. It was by far the fastest, smoothest, "buttery-est" Android tab I have ever used. Responsive and immediate. Multitasking is a huge improvement, and properly-coded graphic-intensive games are a joy to play. Minus some reported issues with Chrome performance and some incompatible apps, the Nexus 10 is an overall performance beast.

    Battery-life is good, lasting on average of 8 hours continuous use for me. The bone to pick though is with the charging time - a full HOUR for only about 10-15% on idle - which only means a charge time as long as its usage run. I blame the micro-usb for this, they were never meant to charge a monstrous battery of that size. That is why almost always, tablet manufacturers (Apple, Samsung, Asus et al.) use some form of propriety port for charging as they are more efficient.

    Bottom line, the Nexus 10 is a great tablet. But in my case, the screen was a little underwhelming regardless of the PPI, and considering the hoohah was very much the retina-beating display, I am left slightly wanting. Maybe an RMA might fix that, but I sincerely hope this isn't a compromise we have to make for a hero tablet device from Google/Samsung.

    Sorry for the TLDR. Cheers guys and enjoy your Nexus-es!

    • AFAIK, the front glass is supposed to be laminated to the LCD. There should be no air gap. Btw, how do large PDF files render? Is there any performance difference between the stock browser and Chrome? Is it usable in portrait mode?

      • If it is laminated, it is certainly nowhere as close to the glass surface as the Nexus 7 or the iPad. PDFs render well enough but is probably highly dependant on the app used. Chrome has minor scrolling issues atm as some users reported stuttering and this is true to an extent so far. Google is sure to throw in another update soon. That said, dolphin browser to me seems best to handle flash and offers overall smoother experience. I primarily browse in portrait and in this manner the tab is not unwieldy as some alleged. The grippy back helps alot in this regard.

        • I thought that flash is gone from 4.1 onwards. Good to know that it's useable in portrait mode. (IMO, the ipad has a better aspect ratio for it, but didn't have the resolution for it until this year.)

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