Nexus 4 orders from Google Play started arriving in Australia to a lucky few on Friday and it appears that today FedEx is working over-time to deliver even more of the newest Nexus phones to eager Australian owners. A number of people on Twitter are reporting that they have received their new phone. We’ve seen the Ausdroid first impressions of the phone and rest assured a full review is definitely going to be forthcoming.

Now it’s over to you guys, what are you thoughts on your new phone? Are you going to be unlocking and Rooting it?

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Let me tell you all…the HD voice calling between compatible handsets is amazing…Spoke to the missus on her iPhone 5 (meh) and my Nexus 4 and the call quality was pristine!

Daniel Tyson

People make calls on these things?? lol j/k I should try it out on Telstra to see what this whole HD Voice thing is about


FedEx delivery came to my door today, I was at work like the rest of the nation. Now i have to sign a waiver to allow the delivery man to leave it on my front door step unattended tomorrow when they try again??? WHy they can’t just leave a ticket in my letterbox and leave it with the post office i have no idea?
Hopefully its still sitting on my door step tomorrow when i get home from work!


Got mine yesterday too…actually funny when I went into a Telstra store to get a Micro Sim and the guy looking after me hadnt seen such a phone and saw the back and called all the other staff over to have a gander…special phone!


Arrived yesterday at home. Shame I’m interstate on business. 🙁

Uli Schmidt

Got mine yesterday. Loving it – great screen, super fast and jellybean rocks!


It’s too fast.

Iain Simmons

If that’s a problem, I’d be more than happy to relieve your burden from you…

Michelle Treloar

Mine arrived this morning 🙂 looks good feels good and is working wonderfully. I took a loving the larger clearer screen. Went back to my nexus s and it was only then I was truely amazed at how much clearer and faster the N4 is. Love the screen scroll smoothness too. Loving it.


Hi there again….glad you didnt miss out…Im absofrickenlutely loving mine too.


Got it this arvo! Unlocked the bootloader ready for custom romming!
Been scouring the xda forums reading up on all the issues and problems, so relieved mine arrived perfect condition! Oh, besides the missing “December” Haha 😛 very happy

Darren Ward

Mine was scheduled for delivery tomorrow, but I just had to have it so I went round to FedEx and grabbed it,

Coming from my One X with its smashed screen….. Absolutley love it. Vanilla JB is just awesome. Much better phone in every way. The protective films that are on it as default are capacitive, so I’m gonna leave them on until i get a proper pair and/or when my bumper gets here.

Love it.

Frank Benign

How does the screen compare?


Screen is brilliant…a vast contrast to the Galaxy nexus screen…this LCD is a screen that only the OneX can match

David Anderton

Did anyone else see the tear-down on Gizmodo? It looks like the Nexus 4 actually has an LTE chip, its just not turned on… Also the battery is heavily glued in so will be difficult to replace.


Although apparently the LTE chip has no amplifier or antenna so can’t be used. There has been quite a bit of noise about it on XDA forums.

Zac Barton

How’s HSPA+ speeds going for people?

Milty Mc

i second that question !


would like to know that too…i third that question !


I live fairly rural near Wollongong and see the ‘H’ symbol most of the time rather than ‘3G’ in the status bar thing.

The mobile data speed seems better than my Nexus S. Get around 3800 kbps on the app using Sydney servers from in my house. Haven’t tried outside yet.

That’s with Woolworth Mobile (Optus network).


Just received mine in Wollongong at lunchtime. Still waiting to receive a shipping confirmation for the bumper though.

Love it so far, although found out my NFC tags (Mifare 1k) are not compatible with the Broadcom NFC controller (also used in the N10). Gonna have to find somewhere that sells NTAG or Desfire NFC keyring fobs.

I also had to chop my SIM into a micro-SIM using a meat cleaver to score it and scissors to cut. I did a marvellous job at it :o)

The phone is so much faster than my Nexus S.


I got it this morning. freakin incredible!


Love it so far. Might look to unlocking and rooting it tonight so I can restore the apps I use.


Yeah, got mine today. Going well so far..just installed apps. Love the extra real estate on the screen. Will reserve judgement for when I’ve had more of a chance to play with it


Where do you guys live again?

Taufiq Khan

Got it just before lunch – pretty sexy phone. I’ve read a lot of reviews and would echo most of their comments (arstechnica and the verge especially). Very zippy at handling Android, but the device can get warm with extended use. Liking some of the slight UI changes in 4.2 as well!

Nils Mueller

How do you get them relaunch,?

Nils Mueller


Taufiq Khan

Pre-launch? I ordered it in the 20 minute window and received it yesterday 🙂


Its still in Alexandria. Won’t get it till Wednesday :-/


I’m also from Wollongong.


Not yet 🙁 It’s been on a van since 07:38. Most annoying since I’m only about 10 minutes away from the depot.