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The other day we showed you how to update your Australian carrier branded Galaxy Nexus to the stock Google Image using a ‘Hard Way’ using the Android SDK and fastboot or an ‘Easy Way’ using the Galaxy Nexus Toolkit, well the developers behind that toolkit released a toolkit for the Nexus 4 toolkit the other day and have now released the Nexus 10 toolkit as well.

Whether you’re interested in getting into the ROM scene or just interested in easily unlocking your bootloader or getting Root access these toolkits are a pretty easy way of doing it and they have a pretty good history with these toolkits having already supplied them for the Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus, International Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2.

Like any developer they work on donations, offering an option to donate and when you do you get the bonus of checking for and receiving updates within the application itself, so if you use the toolkits make sure you donate. The Nexus 10 had some issues with bootlooping when the Nexus 10 toolkit was first released which has now been resolved so head on over to the source links and grab your respective toolkit and get cracking.

Source: Nexus 10 ToolkitNexus 4 Toolkit.