If you unfortunately received the dreaded email a couple of weeks ago stating that your newly ordered Nexus 4 was on back order from Google Play then this morning you should have received the news that your Nexus 4 should be on its way to you at ‘some stage’ this week. Our very own Jedi Geoff has been patiently waiting for his 8GB Nexus 4 and has this morning received this email from the good folks at Google Play :

So some free shipping in exchange for an almost 3 week wait for your phone, still at least they’re on their way. This news should also be a notification for those of you who didn’t even manage to get a back order in to ready yourself because this should mean that more stock could be about to go live in the Google Play Store. Keep your eye on the handy widget on the right hand side of the Ausdroid main page which will let you know when the Nexus 4 is in-stock again.

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Greg McPherson

Looks the the Americans went through Order Hell again last night.
Google just wont up the processing power behind the Play Store.


I will be waiting until Feb 2013 to order an LG Nexus 4. I continue to be happy with my Samsung Nexus S (which runs well and is in perfect condition) which I purchased in Feb 2012. I am hoping that the extra 2+ months will also give the LG Nexus 4 team plenty of time to pick up and resolve any bugs that may occur. That said, I can imagine that the next 2 months are going to crawl along for me, cannot wait to get my new Nexus!

Geoff Fieldew

Because the only Nexus 4 I could order was an 8GB model, my usage will be a test case for whether it’s possible to actually get by with such limited storage.

Brian Hislop

F5 – F5 – F5 – F5

I would love to see traffic analysis of the Play store device pages before the Nexus 4 went on sale up until now. I imagine it’s been taking a huge hit in the past couple of weeks.

Dave Jacka

I’m sooooo impatiently waiting for that red “sold out” text to go away. I also have not yet received my notification of availability email. Great product “for what I’ve heard” but very poor service.


Just a heads up, don’t rely on the notification e-mail. Quite a few people had signed up for it when the Nexus 4 was originally released and never got it, hence missed out.


Wanna bet that he get his phone before they send out that notification??

Daniel Tyson

No bet, I`m still waiting for my email to notify me that the Nexus 4 and 10 are for sale.