On Monday this week, we announced that we’d negotiated an exclusive deal with Vodafone, to give away a Samsung Galaxy S III thanks to Samsung to celebrate the arrival of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean rollout which began on Monday at 1pm.

We held a fairly simple competition – we jam-packed a jar full of jellybeans, counted how many would fit, and asked you – our readers – to simply guess how many there were. We had such a fantastic response that I’m still a little lost for words, with over a thousand entries received. While we did not have anyone guess correctly the right number (it was 414 by the way), we did have a few people who guessed one off at 413.

One person, however, guessed this number first, and this person has won themselves a brand new Samsung Galaxy S III thanks to Vodafone! Congratulations to Andrew Hodges from Victoria, with your jellybean counting skills you’ve just scored yourself a new handset. Well done.

The good news doesn’t end there though. While there’s no runner up prizes on offer this time round, we will be looking at running more competitions like this to showcase great hardware, products and services, and equally, to give you – our valued readers – many more chances to score some great swag.

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lol, I guessed 147. Fail

KungFu Tiger

I estimated 325, simply because the height of the jar, divided by the hypotenuse, multiplied by the obtuse tangent of a Jellybean in correlation to the sun’s beam that was striking the jar, that I faintly saw after turning the image into a 3D rendering, led me to believe, that there were 414 Jellybeans in the jar, plus or minus 89, as it was a partial solar eclipse at the time.

Too late now though, as George Lucas said to Jar Jar Binks.

Greg McPherson

Argh! 410 here!
That’s not close enough? Sunofabitch. 🙂

Brian Hislop

So close, yet so far … I went for 403!

Let’s not dwell on it though … it’s probably time for you guys to give away one of your Nexus 4’s hey?!?!? Yeah?? 😉 It might be my best chance of getting my hands on one!

Peter Graham

I was way off :/


Mine was way off too LOL 😐

Adrian Jenkin

Congrats Andrew. My calculation of 395 was close. Perhaps I under-estimated the width of the jar slightly.