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Swiftkey has just announced that they have launched an Australian English language model for their popular keyboard Swiftkey 3. The keyboard now lets you choose Australian English instead of UK or Us English and will no doubt allow you to enhance all your typing needs with a heaping helping of extra ‘Mate’ which is apparently a word we’re twice as likely to use than a Brit.

They’re offering a 50% discount over at Google Play to those who would like to take advantage of this new addition, the discount is not showing just at the moment so wait a little and it should drop down to the advertised $1.99 price tag soonish the discount is now live on Google Play and is effective on both the Tablet and Phone versions of SwiftKey, check them out now on Google Play.

Source: SwiftKeySwiftKey Google Play.
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    I’m not sure how much I trust other keyboards, given they have full internet access and access to everything you type..


    Too bad they haven’t changed the default currency symbol from £ to $


    Too bad they haven’t changed the default currency symbol from £ to $

    Sean Hatton

    They have mate, cockatoo, Uluru, Dubbo, blimey, carn, tossers and sheila. Missing strewth, yobbo, westie and drongo. Not sure if bogan is in the dictionary or just remembered from my messages 🙂 Bonza!


    Too bad they still haven’t fixed the auto-space after full-stop issue. I switched from SwiftKey to AI Keyboard Plus because of this stupid little issue.

    Great to see an AU dictionary though. 🙂

    David Clarke

    Listed as Beta, I have downloaded it and using it now.