If you happen to be in or around Broadway in Sydney, and your looking to snag a good price in the Nexus 7 32GB model, you’re in luck.

JB HiFi have just opened a new store at Broadway and are celebrating by having a giant sale. The main thing that caught my eye was the particularly good price on the Nexus 7.

So go in and get yourself one while the price lasts.


To my knowledge, this price is only at the  Broadway store.

**Edited** This appears to be the price store wide – even online.

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… And notice the cases for Nexus 7 below the actual device.

Picked up a leather (I presume faux) one for $19 today at a Sydney city JB store, Has magnetic clasps and goes into power sleep / wake mode when case is closed / opened. no more fumbling for the power button!

A lot better than the orange ‘condom’ that I originally purchased!

The Nerd Mama

They are fairly nice cases, but add a LOT of bulk to the device.

Sean Royce

I got my 16gb nexus 7 for $248 total, inlcuding postage from kogan, I don’t know if it was a sale, but check it out if you’re interested.

Sean Royce

The link is still there for anyone who is interested:


Greg McPherson

To JB Hifi staff do special Red Texta Writing classes? They all seem to write in the same font. Or is there a special JB Comic Sans font I can download?

KungFu Tiger

It’s $299 from Google Play.

Reeko Rushdhan Hyuuga

Are there any Nexus 4s’ availiable in any stores? (For ANY price?) D: (In Australia)

Daniel Tyson

Not at this stage, looks like you can pre-order from Mobicity though, that’s about as close as you can get, we’re still looking though.


Woo yea. Probably get this for Christmas. 🙂
Might get it a bit earlier. 😉


Same price in Perth. I picked one up yesterday from the Enex store.

Brad H.