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For those of you who’ve been with Ausdroid since the early beginnings, you’ll know we’ve always had forums as an adjunct to our site. In fact, they were one of the earliest features of the site, and one of our most popular. It was only more recently that the existence of the forums dropped from public knowledge, and it was this – combined with an influx of spambots – that lead to the forums being suspended.

While our poll showed some mixed results, we’ve had some feedback from various places that Ausdroid just isn’t the same without a forum for our Australian audience to meet, discuss and share the knowledge of things that affect us locally, rather than relying on heavy-weight US based forums which may or may not have relevant discussion for the Aussie audience, Aussie devices and of course, Aussie developers.

We’ve asked our dedicated team of Ausdroid forum administrators and moderators to come back, create the forums the way they would like them to run, and to really try and (re)build a community for Ausdroid readers to meet and discuss. While some of the work behind the scenes will continue, the forums are up and ready to use, and if you’ve used Ausdroid forums in the past, we’d like to encourage you to sign up again and make them what they were.

Head on over to the Ausdroid Forums and sign up, and one of the team will have your account activated and ready to go as soon as possible. We’ve also integrated Tapatalk into the forums, so you can browse from your mobile or tablet with the ease of Tapatalk’s fantastic forum app. If you haven’t got it, here’s the link:

[appaware-app pname=’com.quoord.tapatalkpro.activity’ name=’Tapatalk’ qrcode=’true’]

We plan to have some exclusive forum-only giveaways coming up, so get on board and dive further in to Ausdroid’s community!

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    Web Forums: all the power of NNTP circa 1995, none of the integration, support or usability.

    Chris (Deputy Editor)

    And in spite of all this, inexplicably remaining popular.. 😉


    i couldnt sign up using my nexus 4 cos the capture thingy wouldnt work as drag n drop doesnt work without a mouse. anyway i fired up the old ubuntu machine for the first time in a while and registered. looking forward to it.

    Chris (Deputy Editor)

    Sorry about that Pete. We’ll look at another solution as we expect mobile signups will be a bit of a factor.

    Justin Harvey

    nexus 4… you jerk

    Dennis Bareis

    Might be too many hurdles for most, the Captcha is way too hard, then we have to wait for moderators, I think this has to be overkill as no other forum I have ever used works this way… The only time I see “Captcha” that difficult is on feedback forms for companies that don’t want any 🙂

    Anyway the moderator step was quick 🙂

    Chris (Deputy Editor)

    Hey Dennis. The moderator approval is only temporary while we spool up, to gauge whether we’ve got appropriate spam-bot protections in place. It should be removed soon. As for the captcha, we’ll take that feedback and may look at an easier option.

    Dennis Bareis

    Captcha is probably a good idea but a easier one would be nice 🙂