How low can you go? That seems to be the question that Aldi wants to ask and their current answer is a 16GB 7″ Android tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich from a company called Onix. Now the specs aren’t going to blow anyone away and a couple of the specs listed on the Aldi website are just plain wrong or listed multiple times -Dear Aldi, 800×480 is NOT HD Resolution, but for the kids, this may not be an absolutely terrible option.

Onix 7″ Tablet Specs :

  • 7″ 800 x 480 LCD Display
  • 1GHZ RK2906 Cortex-A8 CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • 16GB On-Board Storage with microSD Card slot up to 32GB
  • Wi-Fi 802.11/b/g/n, G Sensor
  • 2.0MP Rear Camera and 0.3M front facing Camera
  • USB 2.0
  • Android 4.0
  • 120(W) x 11(D) x 185(H)mm
  • Available in Pink, White and Black

The other interesting part of the deal which starts on Wednesday is the fact that they have accessories available for the tablet. They have a tablet accessories pack for the Onix(pictured above) which includes a case, car charger and headphones for $14.99 or you can get a Tablet stand (pictured below) which fits any 7″ or 10″ tablet that includes an AC Adapter or can run off batteries also for $14.99.

Now again, the specs are very basic, the difference between a cortex A8 CPU and the Cortex A9 quad-core CPU in something like the Nexus 7 is massive, if you’re after a good quality tablet DO NOT purchase this one from Aldi, save for a while and invest in the Nexus 7. If you want something to mess around with this Onix tablet may not be a bad option.

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    how can i surf internet through dongal

    Tablet Accessories UK

    eBazR is a great place to get the point of the deal, a deal that may Twilight merchandise be able to find a wide range of iPad accessories for sale cheap. As you can see on the right side, and there are some Juicy Couture iPad watch it on TV, and if you do not have to the DVD player.


    hi i have a tablet but my charger broke and im wondering how i can get another one =)

    Daniel Tyson

    I would suggest contacting Aldi first and if they can’t help try the supplier


    Is there’s a place to insert a Micro SIM? Someone please reply. Urgent.


    this is a silly question but can i put a sim card in this tablet its driving me crazy there is only a spot for photo card

    Evalyn Eldering

    hi Daniel.I bought one of these tablets from aldi for my disabled sister who has Down syndrome .She loves all the game colouring in etc but this morning 2 meassages came up1st Google partner setup has stopped and then straight after Android keyboard has stopped.As a result I cant sign in via wifi and the second message pops up every few secs. I triedrebooting and tried returning to factory settings but to no avail. Have you heard of this before and any suggestions or just get refund?Thanks

    Daniel Tyson

    Hi Evalyn,

    I hadn’t heard of either of these before and generally a Factory reset would solve most problems with both of those. If you’re interested in a fix, you could try through the Australian Distributor : but they don’t even have the tablet listed on their site. If it’s still giving errors and not responding then attempting to refund may be your best option.

    Hope this helps.

    King Chav

    I’ve had me Onix tablet almost a month now. Runs pretty well, no problems to report. Happy.


    I have used my Onix 7inch Android tablet from Aldi without any hassles until last week. Now it switches itself off randomly while I am using it (usually after about 10 minutes). Any suggestions on how to solve this problem?


    Return it back to Aldi I think it might be due to too much heating inside

    no idea

    help…i have a green robot with a red triangle and an exclamation mark on my screen….did a factory reset and now this appeared..


    Don’t get this piece of shit. Screen goes whit then dosent turn on. then when you do research to fix it it comes up with aldi. So pissed off.


    Is there any way to extend life of the onix?


    Hello there- is there some way to extend battery life of the onion?

    Alistair Tassie

    Can I ask a question? why the hell does Hi Res matter a crumpet, when you only have a 7″ screen, I think half the people on here are a little bit anal, or a lot, about half this crap, nothing personal, I just think people miss the point half the time with these cheap things, I bought mine to spend 5 weeks touring UK, Scotland, Isle of Man etc on a motorcycle, have loaded maps offline pro for navigation. If it comes to grief on the trip I’ve lost $100, bad luck. If I wanted a high end tablet… Read more »

    Daniel Tyson

    I didn’t review it, All this was was a post to let people know it was available. I was more looking at it from the perspective of people purchasing a tablet for use on an everyday basis. I believe the last sentence : ‘If you want something to mess around with this Onix tablet may not be a bad option’ says exactly what you have said. What I was trying to get people to think about was that for someone looking for a quality tablet to use for consuming A/V content or browsing through your RSS Feeds/Social Media etc there… Read more »


    anyone know how to make the Onix 7″ tablet detect the personal hotspot from my iphone 4S using the latest apple ios?

    Daniel Tyson

    If the iPhone is set up as a Hotspot then the Tablet should see the hotspot, is the SSID being broadcast from the iPhone?


    I need a cover please!!! Can someone help. For my son as a pressie!!!!

    Alistair Tassie

    Just bought one of Ebay, seller in Sydney, did search for cover to suit onix 7″, found a few.


    Just got my 7inch Android tablet and am currently has serious issues with connecting to the wireless system at home, i have wi fi on and have lodged in the user name /password but unfortunately there is a pending sign say.. ” Authenticating Problem” its very frustrating .

    Ross Brisbane

    The 7″ Onix is good to go. I have not been able to find anything flaky or seriously flawed about Android 4 running on this device. I have heard a lot about flakiness about another fruit type. Yes the resolution maybe 800 * 480 but please consider this – this aren’t a large screen display hence DIGITAL TV recordings and other compression Video downloaded look very good. Example Catalyst Recording @ 576i in 16:9 and 720p and 1080i HDTV recordings. (recorded on hard drive windows 7 pc and copied to media folder into device). Even ran 720p AVC that many… Read more »


    I returned my 2 x Onix 7″ tablets today to Aldi for a refund, one tablet only lasted 3 days of normal use, the screen went all yellow/orange color and was stuck this way ,it would not shut down again. I am very disappointed because of the time i wasted to try and get my head around the frustrations of anroid issues,like it has 16G of storage of which there is 512M partitioned for apps of which only 400M is free ,like etbe said above,also very poor WIFI range etc,etc. I found this unit very unfriendly to use and I… Read more »

    Matt Booth

    You get what you pay for. You expect to pay dirt cheap prices and get a high quality tablet? Pay decent price and get a decent tablet


    anyone know how to make the Onix 7 detect the personal hotspot from my iphone 4S using the latest apple ios? It ‘sees’ hotspot from iphone4 using ios5 but not mine with latest version ios.


    I bought the tablet for my son so I could get my iPad back! Unfortunately I missed out on the accessaries pack for it. Anyone know where else I could buy one? I have checked on eBay, gumtree and amazon with no luck

    Daniel Tyson

    Being a niche product, I would imagine that the actual Onix branded accessories would be difficult to track down, I would suggest contacting other Aldi stores in your Area and see if they still have any in-stock, failing that contact the Australian distributor :


    Thanks heaps, I will check out the link. If unable to get the accessaries pack through them I was thinking of trying other branded covers the same size.


    Did you have any luck finding a case. Cause same like you we got the as a present and need a case so my disabled brother can play with it… i cant find one anywhere


    Have had a quick look but have not contacted them as yet. I will let you know as soon as I do if they have them. Also if I find any other covers that suit. : ))


    Thanks that would be very helpful. 🙂


    if anyone is still trying to find covers for it, i looked at the ebook covers in BIG W. the ‘new’ kindle covers are about 7.5 inches and the onix fits in it perfectly.
    they sell for $20 and had red, brown, purple and black (:
    don’t pick up the wrong cover though, the original kindle cover is only 6 inches and is a bit wider.


    I bought it for the same reason! Have u been able to find the accessories pack??


    I had a lot of trouble finding a cover to fit as all the well known tablet cover were mostly to small…then, from memry, it was a kindle cover that fit ted and gave access to all buttons and ports except camera.


    Try eBay…plenty accessaries there to fit 7in android tablets.

    Mank 07

    How does the USB 2.0 work? There is no USB input??

    Daniel Tyson

    on the MicroUSB Port, if you connect it to a USB port on your PC it connects using USB 2


    Hi, could you tell me could I download the following audio fomats on this Aldi tablet – MP3, ACC, EPUB, PDF?

    Daniel Tyson

    If you just want to download the files then there are various applications like : this will enable you to download the files, if you actually want to open them then you will need applications such as :
    MP3 – Google Music
    EPUB – Aldiko
    PDF – Acrobat Reader

    I`ll need some more information on the ACC file, there are various apps that use that file format.


    does this work with pre paid wifi and if so wat type of wifi would i need to purchase , sorry not very up with all these ttype of things but would like to purchase one for my daughter

    Daniel Tyson

    Do you mean as in 3G Dongles? Then no, they do not support 3G

    If you mean just connecting to your home WiFi router then yes they do support them.


    Thankyou, i asked at the telstra shop today as we dont have wifi at home and she said it will operate with a prepaid wifi thing is this correct, again i apologize for not knowing much about this, and now ive bought 2 of the tablets, and have no idea how to get it so it connects to the internet with a pre paid device, what is it i need to purchase any help is greatly appreciated. Kind regards Julie Subject: [ausdroid] Re: 7″ Android tablet and accessories on-sale at Aldi from Wednesday 5th of December for $99

    Daniel Tyson

    The best option if you are looking at Telstra would be to check out their devices here : these dongles allow you to put a SIM card into them which in turn gives you a WiFi Hotspot which the tablets can connect to.


    If you do not have home internet and you want wifi on the tablet you have two options buy a plug in dongle, meaning you have something hanging out of the tablet, make sure you buy one that is Android compatible and you may have to buy an adapter depending on the size of the USB slot. OR buy a ‘Dongle” router this is like a wireless 3g, it is a separate small router and you connect to it the same way you connect to wifi. You can take it with you when out and about but it is separate… Read more »


    Thankyou very much appreciate it .Regards Julie
    Subject: [ausdroid] Re: 7″ Android tablet and accessories on-sale at Aldi from Wednesday 5th of December for $99


    My grandkids have a iPods & iPhone, but was looking to get them this tablet for xmas, what do you think??


    NO, ipad if they have ipods and iphones. this tablet will stuff them up

    Daniel Tyson

    Depending on if they have a lot of content invested in the iOS eco-system then they would most likely be best off with iPads or an iPad mini unfortunately iOS devices are expensive.


    If you were after an eReader, would this do the job?


    To some extent but not as good as eReader

    Daniel Tyson

    They do work as an e-reader, something like a Kindle would probably be a better option in the long term though especially with battery life taken into consideration, but if you want Tablet apps as well then these tablets can also load ebooks.


    YES. download an e reading App from play store, Cool Reader (Free) is a nice one as it opens a lot of different file types, but choose one you like. Try Googling Android e reader apps and have a look at some reviews.


    Is it bluetooth capable?

    Daniel Tyson

    Unfortunately they didn’t list Bluetooth on the website, you would need to check in-store.


    does it have bluetooth?

    Amy Church

    Please excuse my ignorance, but how do u get the Internet to work on it? Do u need a special modem?

    Russell Loye

    USB dongle, WiFi, Bluetooth

    Amy Church

    Thank u so much for ur reply. Sorry I’m not great wit this stuff and I’m thinking of buying it for my grandma who doesnt have a computer or anything. So the USB dongle u mentioned, that’s be the best option yeah? Just get it from a phone company prepaid?

    Daniel Tyson

    I would be hesitant to recommend you get this tablet to use with a 3G Dongle as it does not claim to have a full sized USB port. If you can’t rely on a Wi-Fi router where your grandmother lives I would look at other options.

    Amy Church

    Thank you!

    Ian Tester

    Pros: Capacitive touchscreen (many cheapo devices only have resistive), decent amount of storage AND a microSD card slot, a rear camera.

    Cons: Not-so-great screen resolution, single processor core, RAM might be a little tight, Android version getting a little dated.

    Rockchip, the SoC maker, has not been making their Linux kernel source code available. And having a development community grow around a low-volume device like this is unlikely. So the chance of getting future third-party updates/custom ROMs is low.


    What’s their return policy? 30 days or something?

    Daniel Tyson

    60 Day Satisfaction Return Warranty according to the picture at the top.


    Ah nice, I was thing of getting a couple of similarly specc’d tablets for the kids for Chrissy (around $75 from DealExtreme). For $24 and piece of mind in returning if it’s a POS, I think I’ll go down this route.

    Greg McPherson

    I love Aldi’s weird specials.
    One day I will get around to buying a clarinet, or maybe rock climbing gear with my groceries.

    Daniel Tyson

    I was about 10 seconds away from purchasing the UniCycle they had there the other day. My Wife should NEVER let me do the grocery shopping alone at Aldi!!

    Greg McPherson

    Yes! I saw that. They were also selling it a couple of years ago.
    And it was not long after I heard a podcast about a guy who unicycled across the Nullabor. For a moment, it seemed like a good idea.


    Last year we got a pasta roller from Aldi, and within about 20 minutes the handle broke off, it put metal flakes in the dough and the gears inside locked up.
    Imagine hanging off a cliff face with equipment built to that standard…

    Sean Royce

    Doesn’t necessarily mean that all their prdoucts are bad.


    So, will you do a review?

    I keep seeing these $99 tablets (Aldi,, etc.),and wondering would I be a fool to pay triple for a Nexus, or would I be a fool, to part with 99 hard-earned dollars for a piece of crap.

    So how about a lighting review on the 5th Dec?

    Daniel Tyson

    Problem with these is they only sell a very limited amount and reviews are usually only helpful to people looking to purchase them and quite frankly I have never been able to find them in stock after the initial rush. That said my experience with these single core tablets has not been good at all. I have found them to be almost without exception to be slow, buggy, prone to locking up and freezing and just all round bad. I will see if Aldi are willing to supply one for a review but I personally will not be spending my… Read more »