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Over the weekend it appears that Asus in Japan has let slip some information in regards to a dock accessory for the Nexus 7 which we first saw at the end of July. The dock accessory is showing up on the Asus Japan accessory store for a price of 3,480 Yen which equates to just over $40AUD minus shipping.

The existence and imminent release of the dock has been hinted at on the Australian Facebook page in reply to some persistent commentors asking about the accessory. This was posted in reply to a customer asking about docks and keyboards for the Nexus 7

Docking accessories for the Nexus 7 are coming, No firm price and date can be announced yet.

And then this reply was posted soon after as well :

Date of arrival of the Nexus 7 docks in Australia isn’t confirmed yet. Stay tuned!

So it appears that Asus Australia is certainly getting them here but has no details to share on when and how much. When we approached Asus Australia about the availability of the docks in Australia or if they would sell the accessory through their own on-line accessory store which we saw hinted at back in August, they advised that they have nothing to add to the discussion.

I know I would be interested in a dock accessory but with no details forthcoming, perhaps I may just go and grab a cheap one from Aldi on Wednesday.

What about you guys, are you still interested in a dock accessory for the Nexus 7?

Source: Asus JapanEngadget.
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Daniel Carr

The Nexus 7 micro usb port is in the middle of the short end (at the bottom in portrait mode). That dock looks like is in landscape mode. There are four tiny gold circles on the left (long side). It’s that how it’s going to charge?


Yep, the four pins on the side are power and audio: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1800099&page=18

Barry King

Not know that I got Dock with speakers from aldi a few weeks ago 🙂

James Bryant

I want a keyboard dock for my nexus 10


Hmm… I don’t think this will work with my Dodo Case.


Would be cool if the dock pins were used for a keyboard/cover like the MS Surface, so it wouldn’t need a separate battery like the bluetooth ones!


Hmm, did some poking around online and it looks like the USB port is only for power, so all the dock really does is charge the tablet and extend the headphone port. 🙁

DanPan the PandaMan

Very interested!