We reported on the long awaited arrival of Tomtom to the Android world back in October. Much to the dismay of many, the app’s arrival was a rather large anti-climax, due to only being compatible with a small selection of devices. Display resolution was the limiting factor, only supporting devices running at either 800 x 480 or 854 x 480 .

Today Tomtom have introduced a new update to the Google Play Store which adds support for devices with a display resolution from 800 x 480 up to 1280 x 800, which now covers all the current flagship devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X.

Another change in this latest update is that the app now downloads maps to SD card by default if one is present. It seems Tomtom have also improved the reliability of map downloading, which is always welcome, given the file size of some of their maps.

I was a big fan of Tomtom on Windows Mobile but haven’t had the chance to try it on Android yet. Let us know in the comments below if you use it or have tried it, and how you find it compared with other GPS navigation apps currently available. Is it really worth $51.99 for the Australian maps?

[appaware-app pname=’com.tomtom.australia’ name=’Tomtom’ qrcode=’true’ users=’8′]

Source: Android Authority.
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    Meh, I have apparently lifetime maps with Copilot for only $30. Don’t see much point in paying more for yet another GPS app.

    James Bryant

    Also of note, I have started downloading and using offline Google maps… works a treat when Optus has no reception!!

    Peter Verwey

    $10 for this would make sense. After all they still hit you for annual subscriptions for additional services if you want LIVE HD Traffic etc. I also have the SGS3 and Google Navigation covers most of what I need, and Navigon for those times I have no reception. That said, TomTom make great products. Looking at the screenshots I like the extra onscreen info you can see, such as the straightline distance between points etc.

    Almost French

    Having a S3, I can’t see any point to pay $52 for this when I have both Google Navigation and Navigon Samsung Australia FREE.
    Agree with James Bryant, I’ll pay max. $10 only if Tomtom offers some better features plus lifetime free map upgrade.

    James Bryant

    $52 – i highly doubt it will be worth the extra over the free Google Navigation. At most I would pay $10, but the application would have to offer some pretty awesome upgrades over the free Navigation.