Looks like all models of the new Samsung built Nexus 10 are now out of stock in the Google Play store, with one of our regular readers Alexei pointing this out this morning. With no news from Google on when new stock is expected to arrive customers are now faced with the agonizing decision of waiting for Google to replenish the stock and release them to the Play Store or look at other options in 10″ tablets.

My initial thoughts on the Nexus 10 which I purchased on launch day lead me to tell people to wait, the tablet is very well built and has a very nice looking high resolution screen, but I understand that with little to no communication from Google on the subject of stock availability some people are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Are you waiting on more stock of the Nexus 10 to arrive or are you hoping for retail availability?

Thanks: Alexei Watson.
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David Jones

I bought a 3G Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with 32gb of internal storage, a couple of months ago now, and I have put a 64gb Class 10 MicroSD card in it. As nice as the Nexus 10 is, I am very happy with my Galaxy Note 10.1.


I want a Nexus 10, but I feel like I need to see it in person before buying it, so I’d prefer to buy it in retail stores.

Having said that, it seems like it’ll be months before that happens and I’ll have probably bought something else. Google really messed up with both the Nexus 4 and 10, imo. And it was at a time that they couldn’t afford to mess up, I think.

No One

Anything that under 64GB with internal or external memory is out of my consideration. So no I am not waiting for it.


Is this news? It was put of stock for me last week, I assumed it had been so for some time.

Daniel Tyson

Was still showing up for me when I checked it last night.

Dylan Xavier

yes it only went out of stock this morning. thats the 16gb. the 32gb has been out of stock for some time now.

Andy Robb

I place an order last Wednesday that was supposed to be 3-5days delivery, but by Monday it had gone onto back order. So looks like the play store has been lagging reality by a number of days

Dylan Xavier

No Point waiting. even google doesnt know what its doing.