Swiftkey has just tweeted that the Flow version of their keyboard is now available as a Beta. The keyboard replacement is taking on the encumbent gesture typing keyboard Swype as well as the stock Google Keyboard which as of the Android 4.2 update of Jellybean now supports gesture typing as well.

You can head on over to their website to download the Beta for your Phone or Tablet. It’s free to try out for now, with no information on whether this will be a free upgrade for Swiftkey 3 users or another app which will require payment once it comes out of Beta. Swiftkey are requesting feedback on their VIP Community forum so jump on over there and help them out with anything you find.

Swiftkey have also released this video of Swiftkey Flow in action : SwiftKey reveals ‘Flow Through Space’

Let us know in the comments what you think of this new Swiftkey product.

Source: Swiftkey.
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    I had the swift keyboard on a tablet… I no longer have a tablet… instead I have a Galaxy Note 2… as such it auto downloaded the tablet version today, as I’d already purchased it… any reason I should/shouldn’t use the tablet version over the phone version on the note?

    Jason Keenan

    After watching that video this is definately going on my phone to check out once I get home from work!

    I’ve never purchased a 3rd party keyboard before – been happy enough with swype – but if this delivers like it shows in the video then I would be more than happy to shell out some $’s for it once it’s made it to release stage.


    Works well, needs a few tweaks though, can’t for the life of me type ‘it’s’…


    Replies from @swiftkey says flow will be an update for swiftkey 3 users.

    Andrew Webb

    It recognises all my commonly used swear words. That makes me happy XD

    Luke Wiwatowski

    I think I’m in love with this keyboard. plugs the holes I’ve had with both swype and stock jellybean


    They sent me a message a couple of weeks ago saying, “You will receive a link to the beta soon,” but the useful email with an actual link never arrived. Oh well, guess I’ll just go over there and download it from their public site, thanks for the heads up.

    Peter Graham

    Holy cow .. I was already using swiftkey as my default keyboard .. but man .. the swipe function is so dead on now .. freaking amazing!


    OH YES. Time to get rid of shitty Swype.

    Chris (Deputy Editor)

    Installing right the f*** now after watching that video.