The Asus Padfone 2 was announced in Milan back in October as an Ice Cream Sandwich device and an upgrade to Jelly Bean was promised to hit the device very soon. It seems that Asus has kept that promise with the Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1) update starting to roll out to Padfone 2 owners in Asia over the weekend.

Whilst at this stage the only way to get your hands on the Padfone 2 here in Australia is through importers such as Mobicity, Asus Australia did advise this morning that the Padfone 2 will most likely be running Jelly Bean out of the box when it eventually does hit our shores at the end of Quarter One 2013.

So, that is pretty good news for potential Padfone 2 owners, Asus has never been one to rest on their laurels when it comes to software updates so, I guess the next question is: Will the Padfone 2 see Android 4.2 soon?

Source: FoneArena.
Via: AndroidCentral.
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Can the Phone be bought on it’s own? It looks like a real nice devise. Asus is doing great work with their updates.


My Padfone was updated yesterday morning to Jelly Bean. There is a bug where the keyboard does not resize properly when changing between tablet and phone and can only be fixed with a reboot.

Sean Royce

It feels like all ASUS updates are buggy. TF201 jelly bean update isn’t too stable and fast either.

francesco teti

Did y find other bugs? Are y in TAIWAN?