The latest in Gameloft’s popular first person shooter games Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour has just gone live in the Google Play store for $7.49. Gameloft promises ‘console-like graphics’ in this latest installment of the series that is their first to run on the Havok engine, an improvement that is said to deliver amazing ragdoll animations and realistic feeling vehicles.

From Antarctica to Barcelona the game sees a band of elite soldiers trying to track down and rescue the world’s leaders in the wake of a nuclear disaster, whilst trying to avoid global devastation. The game also introduces a new twist on the usual story mode, with Gameloft adding another dimension to the narrative by having players take on the role of the games villian Edward Page.

The game looks fantastic from the launch trailer, but at 1.9GB to download it certainly is going to push devices that are limited with on-board storage. Gameloft has also given attention to the multi-player aspects of the game as well with a new loadout system which promises over 20,000 weapons arrangements. Check it out in the Play store if your device has the space and is running Gingerbread or higher.

Source: Google Play.