Android has been growing globally at an extremely rapid rate with statistics from November indicating that Android currently enjoys a 75% market share. In Australia this year over 67% of Smart Phone sales were Android handsets and now research analysis firm Telsyte is advising that market penetration of Android devices in Australia has finally overtaken iOS with Android now on 44% of the 10 Million mobile phones currently in use here.

iOS still enjoys a 43% market share so the margin is slim but with the sales statistics showing that year over year iOS sales are actually declining in Australia and the market for Smart Phones still growing, this market penetration could possibly drop even further. The research from Telsyte did show that owners of Apple products have the highest repeat purchase intention and significantly drive re-contracting with carriers, so it’s no wonder Australian Telcos love the iPhone.

It’s an interesting statistic but competition drives innovation so without a strong competitor we have no new features and both Apple and Google love to try and get new features out there, it’ll be interesting to see what comes up next from both companies to try and get the dollars from your pocket the next time you upgrade.

Source: Telyste.
Via: SMH.
Thanks: Chris.
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George Lu

“It’s an interesting statistic but competition drives innovation so without a strong competitor we have no new features and both Apple and Google love to try… ”

The fact is Apple doesn’t like the competition. Instead, they sued the strong competitors.


I use both OSes but people need to remember this is iOS from one manufacturer’s device versus Android from many manufacturers’ devices. Not bad when you look at it that way; being 1% below all that competition.


They’re only 1% below because Apple had a couple of years head-start before the carriers really got behind Android phones. Sales of Android phones have been blitzing iOS phones for the last year or so which is why Android has caught up so quickly in overall market penetration.

By the way, Apple currently sells three phones: iPhone 5, 4S and 4.

Phillip Molly Malone

You guys should keep a watch on @m0nty of He monitors how much usage of iPhone/iOS v Android in the mobile space. Android is a long way behind as of last year. Will be interesting to see if it catches up fast this year!


in the Telsyte article, it states that “lower prices, faster product cycles and carrier support” have helped androids adoption.

I would like to know what they define “carrier support” to be and how its been a good aspect to help consumer adoption??? … i don’t think carrier support includes software updates, as iOS has that part sorted with the carriers.

Nathan Reed

Carrier support = advertising. i.e. Having GS3’s promo’d on their homepages and in their catalogues, often as the lead ad with iPhones shown 2nd.

Telstra mobile page currently shows Razr HD, GS34G and One XL at the top of the page

Vodafone is leading with iPhone 5, but the next ads at the top of the page are for GS3 and GN2.

Optus mobile page has iPhone 5, GS34G, iPhone 4 & GN2


thats fair… i’ll pay that!


I just bought my first Android (Galaxy S3 4G!). One less iPhone our there 😀

Sean Royce

Welcome to the good side 😀

Greg McPherson

Galaxy SIII’s are pretty damn common out there now.
The old days of iPhones everywhere has gone.

But I wish other brands were successful too.

Sean Royce

Same, I still see iPhones everywhere! I know it sounds stupid, but it frustrates me so much that everyone “has to have the iPhone”

Greg McPherson

I love phonespotting at lunchtime. Looking at what people are fiddling with while eating their food court chinese takeaway.

At the moment it really is Galaxys and iPhones. Yesterday I actually saw a Razr in use. High point of the day. 🙂

Sean Royce

Awesome, but I mean, iPhones are so generic. It just frustrates me, and I have so many reasons why. Here, there, everywhere, and teenage girls thrive on getting “the precious iPhone”

Greg McPherson

Eh. I’m not bothered by it. We’re all tech fetishists with different tastes. I’ve got no problem with Apple Obsessives being who they are.

And teenage girls like alot of things that I don’t. Hello Kitty and that Beiber boy and hair straighteners and so forth. But that’s fine. It’s a wide world.


Awesome news!