Samsung is at it again, presumably taking advantage of a recent statement from the Victorian Police which advised iOS users against using Apple Maps after the Mildura Police had to rescue some people who had followed directions from the Apple Maps software to the Victorian town of Mildura, that landed them smack bang in the middle of the Murray Sunset National Park which is in reality, 70 Kilometres away from the town.

The latest Samsung stunt has seen them today park a Nissan Patrol 4WD in Australia Square in Sydney and a VW Combi Van in Southern Cross Station in Melbourne with a sign next to them which reads :

Oops, should have got a Samsung Galaxy S III. Get Navigation you can trust

The sign has an advert for Navigon GPS navigation software that comes as standard on the Samsung Galaxy S III phones.

Samsung advised that the vehicles will remain in place until this Friday, the 14th of December, so you can head on down to take a look a this latest campaign.

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Competition is a good thing.
Apple CEO has publicly apologised for the lame mapping app they deployed.
Keep the blow torch to their feet Samsung hehehe! 🙂

Greg McPherson

I saw a good explanation for Apples problems on Slashdot.
Apple maps uses Shire and City names as locatable objects. So when you search for Mildura you can get the physical center of the Shire of Mildura, which of course is in the middle of nowhere. Seems an easy thing to fix.

some guy

WTF is this shit? Why are you posting fake stories/ photos on here. If you can’t verify your stories or photos then don’t report anything.


Yep. This looks shopped

I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

Nicky McCarthy

Sorry to say but it’s real, I walked past it this morning – it’s on the station side of Spencer Street and Bourke Street – and it looks JUST like the photo!!!! Will take a pic at lunch if you want 🙂

Mikhail Cass

These pictures were taken with an iPhone 4? Was he looking for Mildura?

Andrew S

Andrew, Navigon is free on Galaxy S3, and doesn’t suck down map data…
And I agree, terrible photoshop effort…


Is it just me, or does that VW look photoshop’ed?

Kind of funny ad, but why would you use Navigon instead of the free GMaps?

Damon Lewis

Wow, that’s a terrible photoshop job for the picture in front of Southern Cross.