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It’s been a loooooong wait and Samsung has certainly been a major factor in the reason behind the wait, but it appears the wait is nearly over for Vodafone Galaxy Nexus owners with this weeks latest software update blog advising that the upgrade from Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.04) to Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.2) is ‘Approved, awaiting roll out by Google’.

To prompt your phone to check for a software update you can go to Settings > About Phone > Software Update > Check now for update. The rollout hasn’t begun as yet as far as we know and even when the rollout does commence it is generally done in stages over the course of a week or so.

In terms of the other carriers, Optus is apparently still waiting for the update to begin their testing with their update page advising : ‘Manufacturer to provide version for testing’.

Telstra has advised today that the ‘Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Nexus has been received and is in test.’

So, if you own a Vodafone Galaxy Nexus and have left it stock, let us know in the comments as soon as you see that update notification.

Source: Vodafone Blog.
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epic fail !!!


My partners GN is nearly out of contract now (and nearly poor of warranty also) and no major update has yet been delivered to the phone. This is despite two reasonably major updates being built for the platform. About 3 months ago I couldn’t be bothered waiting any longer so I flashed takju at the risk of a few months warranty and the difference been night and day with timely updates ever since. Any wonder Google wants to bypass carriers for the nexus 4 (and honestly always have wanted to since nexus one). The GN update dilemma must have really… Read more »


Ridiculous. Galaxy Nexus was my first Andriod device and I got the Nexus because it was supposed to be first to get software updates.

What a waste of time. Once this contact is up (luckily it was only a 1 year contract ending this February) I’ll go back to iPhone, where I know I won’t get screwed over.

Google Maps is on iOS now. No reason to go to Android again.


you know all you need to do is download one file and you get the rest of the updates from google.


Vodafone’s track record for destroying their keenest and most loyal customer base has recently been given another severe jolt with the Gal S3 Jelly Bean rollout. It would be wise to wait to see what the sacrificial lambs find out with this rollout. The S3 rollout messed up contacts and in some cases lost them. Make sure you back up everything and as with the S3 rollout prepare to not have a fone that works for a week or 2 while Vodafone run around trying to work out what fixes to rollout. It seems by user responses to their now… Read more »

Daniel Tyson

Considering the 4.1.2 update has been ‘beta’ tested by thousands of owners of the International unlocked Galaxy Nexus already I think you should be right.

James Sagi

umm yeah, totally agree with Daniel. this update was built for the Galaxy Nexus (nexus 4 was not yet released) so it is perfect. I can tell you, it is like a night and day difference between 4.1.2 and 4.0.4

soooooooo smooth. and jellybean has some nice features too, particularly google now.

Sorry about your experience with the Galaxy S3 though.

Paul Walker

A disgracefully long wait for an update for a Nexus device but I’m glad the wait is almost over.

Michael Spencer

Here can I find the Optus update page to check status?


For what it’s worth here is the link.

It’s not the most transperant update page… There’s no date when the page was last updated etc
Within their forums there is often a bit better communication



i must say, that’s an epic beard.

Daniel Tyson

Thankyou sir 🙂