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For Christmas apps today, check out the games from developers CCA And B they have a number of Christmas themed games featuring elves. Games like Slide-n-Glide-Elf on the shelf and Flight Training- Christmas game bit of fun for yourself or the kids so check out what they have.

A couple of places are having a sale for Christmas at the moment, LoudCrow Interactive Inc. have up to 60% off their books. Handy Games is having a sale on their games as well with all of them marked down to $1.03.

Found a good deal on an app you’d like to share? Are you an Australian developer with an app you would like reviewed? Or have you found a most expensive app on the Play Store? Let me know! You can tweet me or email me.

Today’s Apps

The Going to Bed Book-Boynton
Trial: N/A
The first digital Sandra Boynton book app is here and it’s completely terrific!!
$2.87 – was $3.99

Goodnight Moon
Trial: N/A
65 years ago, Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd created one of the most beloved bedtime books of all time. Now, the best-selling children’s classic Goodnight Moon has been beautifully re-imagined as an interactive app designed for your smartphone and tablet.
$2.87 – was $3.99

Moo, Baa, La La La! – Boynton
Trial: N/A
Sandra Boynton’s best-selling book of all time is now available for Android!!
$2.87 – was $3.99

Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
Trial: N/A
Oh, Great Pumpkin! Where are you? This Halloween, hang out with Charlie Brown and the entire Peanuts gang to find out for yourself!
$2.87 – was $3.99

Blue Hat, Green Hat – Boynton
Trial: N/A
“OOPS…” Blue Hat, Green Hat, by Sandra Boynton, Now Available on Google Play!
$2.87 – was $3.99

Barnyard Dance! – Boynton
Trial: N/A
Stomp your feet! Clap your hands! Everybody ready for a BARNYARD DANCE!
$2.87 – was $3.99

PopOut! Tale of Peter Rabbit
Trial: N/A
Since its release, PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit has been one of the best-selling book apps and has quickly become an interactive sensation captivating children, parents, and educators from around the world.
$2.87 – was $3.99

PopOut!Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
Trial: N/A
The sequel to the award-winning PopOut! Tale of Peter Rabbit is here on Android!
$2.87 – was $3.99

PopOut! Night Before Christmas
Trial: N/A
One of the most highly anticipated books of the holiday season has arrived!
$2.87 – was $3.99

PopOut! Tale of Benjamin Bunny
Trial: N/A
PopOut! The Tale of Benjamin Bunny follows in the footsteps of iTunes Hall of Fame and 2010 Book App of the Year, PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit.
$2.87 – was $3.99

Vortex Planetarium – Astronomy
Trial: N/A
The most comprehensive, full featured, smoothest Planetarium on Android.

Used by amateur astronomers and armchair observers alike, Vortex Planetarium offers a window to the skies in stunning detail.
$1.89 – was $3.99

Transparent Screen PRO
Trial: Transparent Screen Original
You want to use your phone while you’re walking? Make your screen transparent!
$1.29 – was $1.99

SketchBook Mobile
Trial: SketchBook Mobile Express
Autodesk SketchBook Mobile is a professional-grade paint and drawing application designed for android devices with screen sizes of 7″ and under. SketchBook® Mobile offers a full set of sketching tools and delivers them through a streamlined and intuitive user interface.
$0.99 – was $1.99

Britannica Encyclopedia 2012
Trial: N/A
Britannica Concise Encyclopedia 2012 contains over 25,000 articles and 2,700 images covering just about every aspect of human endeavor – Arts, Business, Computers, Geography, History, Literature, Medicine, Philosophy, Politics, Pop Culture, Science, Sports, and more – making it the perfect information resource for the entire family. Whether you’re focusing on biographies, satisfying your knack for facts, or locating quick research data for work or school, answering your everyday questions has never been simpler.
$13.26 – was $19.99

Merriam-Webster’s Unabridged
Trial: N/A
Merriam-Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged – America’s most comprehensive dictionary.
$28.36 – was $59.95

KD Collage Pro
Trial: KD Collage Free
KD Collage – new application to create wonderful collages from your photos. The application includes about 70 collage patterns and over 80 background options. Added photo can be moved, rotated and zoomed in/out. You can also add a text with different fonts and styles. Completed collages can be saved in HD to SD memory card or in Favorites for further editing.
We wish you the creative successes and breath-taking results!
$0.99 – was $1.49

Root Toolbox PRO
Trial: Root Toolbox FREE
Root, Busybox and S-off are require to use most features in this app.
$4.58 – was $6.44

Today’s Games

Shall we date?:Ninja Love
Trial: N/A
This application “Shall we date?:Ninja Love” is a dating simulation game
$2.70 – was $4.99

Shall we date?:Heian Love
Trial: N/A
This application “Shall we date?:Heian Love” is a dating simulation, otome gam
$2.69 – was $4.99

Shall we date?:My Sweet Prince
Trial: N/A
Welcome to heart-throb paradise, and enjoy choosing a king from 6 princes!!
$2.70 – was $4.99

Shall we date?:”KONKATSU”for Marriage
Trial: N/A
Try this dating simulationgame! Enjoy it in Japanese and English!
$2.70 – was $4.99

Cyberlords – Arcology
Trial: Cyberlords – Arcology FREE
The citizens of the Asgard Arcology are terrorized by corporate security forces.
Lead the Resistance and save the world from total surveillance!
$1.03 – was $1.99

Save the Puppies Premium
Trial: Save the Puppies
Find the lost dog babies and free them from their prison! Go on a great adventure and solve mind-bending puzzles in a colourful cartoon world populated by cats and dogs!
$1.03 – was $3.65

Guns’n’Glory WW2 Premium
Trial: Guns’n’Glory WW2 FREE
Grab your bazookas and ready your grenades in the thrilling successor to the award-winning action-strategy game Guns’n’Glory! Order your tanks into combat and march your troops to the frontlines of World War II. Axis or Allies – the battle will be decided by YOU!
$1.03 – was $5.10

Super Dynamite Fishing Premium
Trial: Super Dynamite Fishing
Grab the most dangerous weapons with the biggest blasting power and get ready for the craziest fishing trip of your life! Dry out the waters and let no fish escape!
$1.03 – was $5.10

Townsmen Premium
Trial: Townsmen
From humble backwater to medieval metropolis – build the city of your dreams!
Townsmen is back – and it’s bigger, better and cuter than ever before! Experience this all-new entry to the popular series of medieval city-building and economic simulation games!
$1.03 – was $2.59

Townsmen 6
Trial: Townsmen 6 FREE
Play the award winning strategy hit Townsmen 6 in awesome quality!
Play your part in the French Revolution!
Mobilize the population and march towards Paris to overturn the king. Conquer France’s Départments by creating villages and complete the tasks set to you!
$1.03 – was $1.99

Trial: Guns’n’Glory FREE
Play the best award winning Wild West defense game on Android!
Take up a smart, strategic position and lie in wait at the canyon to ambush settlers, stagecoaches and the gold train.
$1.03 – was $1.99

Tattoo Tycoon
Trial: Tattoo Tycoon FREE
Start your own tattoo studio and acquire the arts that get under the skin! Create your own style and expand your studio to become the greatest one in town!
$1.03 – was $1.99

Farm Invasion USA – Premium
Trial: Farm Invasion USA
The Aliens have arrived! And all they want is your corn! Defend your fields with the old corn chopper and tinkered arsenal to spoil the blue men’s appetite for popcorn! Make Redneck Pops proud and welcome your new friends from outer space… the Texan way!
$1.03 – was $5.10

Clouds & Sheep Premium
Trial: Clouds & Sheep
Care for a flock of adorable little sheep. Feed them, play with them, hook up pairs to create offspring and become the best shepherd of all time!
$1.03 – was $3.19

Trial: TETRIS® free
Discover why hundreds of millions of players around the world have made the TETRIS game one of the biggest blockbusters in mobile gaming history.
$2.07 – was $2.99

Bag It!
Trial: Bag It! Lite
The critically acclaimed grocery bagging puzzle game!
Heavy, sturdy items on the bottom, light and fragile items on the top – seems simple, right? Think again! Bag It! will open your eyes to a whole new world inside your shopping bag!
$0.99 – was $1.99

Trial: N/A
Drive the world’s fastest cars and enjoy some of the highest performance racing action ever seen on Android.
$3.11 – was $4.99

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