Nexus 4 - Box
Mobicity has just advised via Twitter that they have received their shipment of the 16GB Nexus 4, the good news is they have enough to cover the pre-orders and a handful left over.

At $569 + shipping it is a premium price to pay but it does come with a local warranty and with no sign of stock hitting the Google Play Store in Australia this may be your only chance in the near future. Head on over to the Nexus 4 page on the Mobicity Website to order.

Source: Mobicity.
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Interesting that they still have stock 24hours later… I could give them a few hints as to why… the freaking price!!!

I know there are a few available much cheaper on If I were in the market that is where I would be going to get one!


God some people are retards…..what don’t you grasp about supply and demand,mobicity are not forcing any one to buy it at that price! They have a limited stock that is available for those that want the phone straight away as opposed to waiting possibly months for back orders.


Mobicity to me WAS 2 things.

1. A place to get phones near launch while local carriers are fluffing about making deals.

2. Decent pricing.

Ive purchased 2 phones feom thwm in the past 18months. I will not again. I can understand making some money on the handsets, but in my opinion they are attempting to exploit demand. Way to lose a once loyal customer.

Sean Royce

They don’t exploit demand with every phone, what are you talking about?


$170 more than Google Play? No freaking way. Unless Mobicity employs a hot bikini-clad babe to personally deliver it to me 😛


If that were the case I would take 3.

Andrew Palozzo

Really glad I ordered my 2 from the US when it opened a few weeks back. Even worked out cheaper since they’re $350 in the US inc. shipping. I’m loving it.. Stock nexus is great. But really miss 4g.

Sean Royce

Watch MKBHD’s video about 3G and 4G, you’ll be interested.


How did you go about ordering from the US site – ie getting around the redirection to the Au Google Play store. Also, did they ship to Au for you, or did you use a shipping forwarder?

Andrew Palozzo

Used a proxy server to make my IP appear from the US.. And had to use a shipping forwarder (shipitto) . That said, still worked out cheaper than ordering locally and i got them too 🙂

tim b

and the Oppo find 5 is only $500. Screw mobicity.


Yeah i would be willing to pay $500 posted but not $600


One must wonder how many Nexus 4s they had made for the launch and then how many they’re making per day. The fact that they’re not back in stock on the Play Store means they’re either making them really slowly or they’ve sold a massive amount and even with a decent amount being made each day its taking forever to catch up with the many backorders

vijay alapati

$399 on google play store (stock not available)

$569 on mobility….way too expensive


What is crazier is that the 8gb is $459… $110 less than the 16gb. yet only $50 more in the store

vijay alapati

and its without shipping charges i guess 😮


Well technically $569 isnt that bad of a price for the phone anyway.. its just that its available cheaper elsewhere which makes it frustrating.