Nexus 4 Photo Sphere
Google has released a Nexus 4 Photo Sphere video on the GoogleNexus YouTube Channel showing the Cheris family taking a Photo Sphere for their Christmas holiday photo. It comes out perfect which is not something I’ve found to be the case with Photo Spheres but I have found some limited success when using the Nexus 4 mounted to a Tripod, I took one at the Australian War Memorial and one out the front of New Parliament House, you can judge them for yourself.

Nexus 4: Holiday Photo Sphere

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KungFu Tiger

Photosphere works on any device that has 4.2. I think that it works great for a first time effort, with updates and development it surely will only get better.

I agree that indoor shots are jaggy, it works best at the moment in an outdoor environment. It certainly does look great.


On my galaxy s 3 running cm10.1 (4.2.1) and no photo sphere yet :/

Russell Ivanovic

I love the Nexus 4, but that photosphere thing doesn’t work inside, it cuts off sharp edges, mangles people’s faces, etc…so good luck taking a family photo like that 😉

Daniel Tyson

When taking a Photo Sphere anything within 15 feet of you effectively ruins the shot. It sucks but as a first attempt it’s pretty good.

Russell Ivanovic

oh I agree, outdoors it’s amazing…but that’s not really what this advert is showing, is it 😉


I am guessing you still need to rotate the camera around its nodal point to avoid parallax errors?

Daniel Tyson

Yep, exactly right which is why I found the ones on a tripod tended to work a little better.


Wow great! I’ll go buy a Nexus 4 right now… DAMN IT GOOGLE