Canberra Guide
Canberra is due to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the offical founding of Canberra, to celebrate there will be a number of events held throughout the year as well as projects begun and the Celebrate Canberra team has released The Canberra Guide an Android App that will help residents and visitors in the ACT to find out more about those events.

The app itself appears to be disappointingly a pure iOS port but has for once been released prior to the app hitting the Apple App Store. The app is fairly straight forward to use and quite easy to navigate, with most of the selections being available in the bar across the top. You can search for events by venue, dates or even by public facility -the map of public BBQ facilities is fantastic. You can link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to the app as well to allow you to share information about which event you’re attending to your favourite social network.

Overall being a port from iOS there are definitely some issues, when selecting from the list up the top I found hitting settings didn’t actually work I had to hit facilities a couple of times to get to the settings menu and when trying to share an event to a social network the window that was brought up wasn’t exactly accomodating to allow for a selection.

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The Canberra Guide is a free app that is available to devices running Android 2.2 and upwards and at 1.1MB to download I don’t think this will strain anyones data plan too much, if you live in or around the ACT or even plan to visit, there are quite a few activities lined up next year and this app would certainly help out.

The Canberra Guide – official app for the Centenary of Canberra

Source: Google Play.