Saturday , October 21 2017

Fanny Wang Headphones winner announced – Paul D. from Victoria

Fanny Wang Headphones

The second of our giveaways over the last week or two has now been drawn. To enter, we asked that:

All you have to do is tell us, in 25 words or less, why YOU need a new pair of headphones. Maybe your dog ate your old pair. Maybe you left them on a plane. Maybe you just don’t have any! Regardless, share your story with us, and we’ll decide the best one to win a pair of Fanny Wang headphones as reviewed by us.

We’ve been through the entries, and there’s all sorts of reasons for people to win headphones. Headphones being eaten by the dog, destroyed by fire, trodden on, attacked by toddlers, and a surprisingly large number of people who want them to drown out the family over Christmas. We understand.

However, we decided to award the first price to Paul D. from Victoria, who told us:

“I’m very poor so I’d give them to my younger bro bro as an a awesome Chrissy present, Merry Christmas Ausdroid”

Congratulations Paul; we hope your younger brother enjoys his new headphones. What a generous gift. We’re hoping that they’ll arrive before Christmas, we’re doing our best!

Thanks: Fanny Wang Headphone Co;

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Valued Guest

How coincidental, Pauly D. wins the headphones :p


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