Update: Another reader, acceler8er has informed us that his “unbranded” SGSIII has also received the JB update.

One of our readers, Matthew Cranley has just made us aware that the SGSIII phones on the Virgin Network are starting to receive Jellybean, 4.1.2.

This update has been long awaited for most SGSIII owners, and it will be interesting to see what improvements it will make to the premium handset.

Edited to add: On the off chance, I checked my SGSIII that is on the Live Connected network. It also was ready to receive the Jelly Bean update.

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Leigh Webster

Im currently running 4.1.1 on my Telstra branded phone…..Only received it after I sent my old S3 back because the main board died. Got it back on Friday with a new board and the new version 😀 Still has Telstra gloatware.


Any idea when 4.1.2 will reach the Samsung galaxy s3 4g?


Did the update wipe any data or settings off your phone?


not for me, the update didn’t reset anything


4.1.1 or 4.1.2?


4.1.1 just installed the update.

Joe Rocket

any good ??


it’s nice and smooth, Google now is nice to have and the settings menu is a bit better organised, but it’s not a huge change from ics

James Sagi

All the changes are under the hood. For a GS3 and all its power you probably won’t notice but for a galaxy nexus it went from slight lag to no lag. Plus better battery life too


after a day or so battery life seems better, currently on 64% after 12 hours off the charger

Paul Walker

I got the notification a couple of hours ago on my unbranded S3 too. Finally!

Nice Christmas pressy from Samsung.