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Hope everyone had a great day yesterday, the app sales for Christmas and the ‘Holidays’ continue, the best deals being on pretty much the entire Gameloft catalog which have mostly been marked down to $0.99, check them all out and if none of those take your fancy check out what is available down below.

Found a good deal on an app you’d like to share? Are you an Australian developer with an app you would like reviewed? Or have you found a most expensive app on the Play Store? Let me know! You can tweet me or email me.

Today’s Apps

iOnRoad Augmented Driving Pro
Trial: iOnRoad Augmented Driving Lite
iOnRoad improves driving in real time using the power of advanced smartphones. The app uses the smartphone’s native camera, GPS and sensors to detect vehicles in front of the host vehicle, alerting drivers when they are in danger. Our Visual Radar maps objects in front of the driver in real-time, calculating the driver’s current speed using native sensors. As the vehicle approaches danger, an audio-visual warning pops up to alert of a possible collision, allowing the driver to brake in time.
$1.99 – was $4.99

Holo Launcher Plus
Trial: Holo Launcher
Simple, powerful, fast and highly customizable home replacement, based on Jelly Bean Launcher.
$1.99 – was $3.99

MP3dit Pro – Music Tag Editor
Trial: MP3dit – Music Tag Editor
MP3dit is a tag editor for music files. This app can search for album art; fix split albums and song order; and change the artist, album and genre of all your songs. MP3dit can also edit entire albums or groups of files at the same time.
$0.99 – was $3.99

DosBox Turbo
Trial: N/A
A highly optimized and feature enhanced port of the latest SVN Version of the DOSBox DOS emulator for Android where new optimizations and features are introduced at a rapid pace. Run your old DOS games quickly, with full mouse, keyboard, sound and analog joystick emulation.
$1.49 – was $3.99

Mobi Calculator PRO
Trial: Mobi Calculator FREE
Universal, every day use calculator with scientific features. One of top.
Good for simple and advanced calculations!
$1.45 – was $3.49

ElectroDroid Pro
Trial: ElectroDroid
Powerful collection of electronics tools and reference.A must for any enthusiast
$1.29 – was $2.69

Touch Calendar
Trial: Touch Calendar Free
Touch Calendar makes viewing your calendar as easy as using Google Maps!
$1.12 – was $2.45

90Droid ExtremeFitness Tracker
Trial: 90Droid Free
First time you’ll like its simplicity, the second time you’ll love its power
$0.99 – was $2.99

NRG Player Unlocker
Trial: NRG Player (Trial)
NRG Player – beautiful music player for Android with EQ, plays songs from folders and customizable user interface
$0.99 – was $3.45

GPS Status PRO – key
Trial: GPS Status & Toolbox/a>
This is a plugin for ‘GPS Status & Toolbox’ that will remove the in-app advertisements from the program and add PRO only features. Please consider supporting the development.
$1.77 – was $3.59

Animated Widget Contact Pro
Trial: Animated Widget Contact Launch
Fast Dial Widget Enables the User To Make Calls and SMS Quick and Easy
$0.99 – was $3.99

ezPDF Reader PDF
Trial: N/A
Audio & Video Multimedia PDF Reader
Annotate, Listen, and Fill out PDF Form
$1.99 – was $3.99

DriverDiary Pro – Gas Mileage
Trial: DriverDiary – Gas Mileage
Track your fuel economy, expenses and parts with a familiar, user friendly interface and keep tabs on your vehicles. Have all of your vehicles information at your finger tips and at your side all the time
Sync your data between multiple devices! DriverDiary Pro is the first and only vehicle tracking app to incorporate sync functionality.
$1.43 – was $2.99

Beautiful Widgets
Trial: N/A
Beautiful set of widgets including clock+weather, with some toggles
$1.25 – was $2.49

SlideIT Keyboard
Trial: SlideIT free Keyboard
SlideIT keyboard is an excellent tool for entering text, replacing your touchscreen keyboard. SlideIT keyboard enables users to dramatically improve writing speed with practically no learning curve.
$1.99 – was $3.99

My Diet Coach – Pro
Trial: My Diet Coach – Weight Loss
It’s not only one of a kind, easy to use diet diary and calorie calculator. It’s also your virtual body which motivates and encourages you at the right moments!!!
$0.99 – was $2.99

HD Widgets
Trial: N/A
HD Widgets are the next generation of widgets – something fun and amazing designed for today’s high resolution touch screens.
$0.99 – was $1.99

Memory Booster (Full Version)
Trial: N/A
Memory Booster – Android RAM Optimizer to Speed Up Your Smartphone!
$1.43 – was $2.99

n7player Full Version Unlocker
Trial: n7player Music Player
n7player – The best way to play music on your Android
$1.89 – was $2.99

Sound Sleep Deluxe Edition
Trial: N/A
Music Therapy for Sound Sleep – Amazing Alpha Wave Set to Comfort Your Mind!
$1.43 – was $2.99

APW License Key
Trial: Android Pro Widgets
Advanced widgets package with many themes and features
$1.28 – was $2.50

Trial: N/A
Nanoloop is a complete sequencer/synthesizer/sampler package, optimised for mobile use. It runs smoothly not just on high end phones but also on older, mid-range and low end devices.
$1.25 – was $2.63

FPS Meter
Trial: N/A
* This app requires root! *

FPS Counter. Shows how many Frames Per Second (FPS) you are getting in a corner of your screen.
$0.99 – was $2.95

Today’s Games

Giana Sisters
Trial: N/A
More than 20 years ago Armin Gessert developed with GIANA SISTERS one of the first Jump’n’Run games for the Commodore C64 – the consols manufacturers got anxious – one of them tried to stop the sisters and the end seemed close. But you might say when idols die then legends are born ! Now they are back on Android as well
$1.70 – was $4.19

Jewellust Xmas
Trial: Jewellust lite
This is a magnificent and magical Christmas version of our popular game Jewellust.
It will help you to feel the Christmas spirit even in Summer!
And you can play handbell melodies with it!
$0.99/strong> – was $2.95

Myth Defense LF
Trial: Myth Defense LF free
The HD tower defense game with detailed graphics and special features!
$0.99 – was $3.99

Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery
Trial: N/A
Explore the mythical world & take part in the audiovisual adventure of #sworcery

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is an exploratory action adventure with an emphasis on audiovisual style. Traverse a mythic little realm, use a sword to do battle & evoke sworcery to solve mystical musical mysteries. Co-operate with friends via Twitter, experience a videogame world that is affected by moon phases & help a wandering warrior monk complete her woeful errand.
$1.99 – was $4.99

Trial: Codewords Lite
525 professional codewords to keep you busy during coffee break.

Codewords to keep you busy during coffee break.
This full version has 525 complete codeword puzzles.
$1.49 – was $2.99

Crossword Cryptic
Trial: Crossword Cryptic Lite
80 professional crosswords to keep you pondering.

80 professional Cryptic Crossword puzzles to keep you pondering.
These are cryptic level crosswords, suitable for seasoned crossword enthusiasts.
$1.49 – was $2.99

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