If you’re a Nexus 10 owner you’re probably wondering when Google will release the Nexus 10 Pogo charging dock we saw teased in the recent Happy Holidays video. So far there has been no actual announcement in regards to any accessories for the Samsung built tablet, so it’s up to third party manufacturers to supply what the market is demanding and eBay seller ifsolution is doing just that with their ‘Magnector’ Pogo charging cable for the Nexus 10.

Available through eBay for $19.99USD + $5.99USD shipping you can secure yourself a pretty cool little charger which if the video supplied on the eBay page is to be believed will charge your Nexus 10 faster than the standard charger. The connector attaches and detaches from the Nexus 10 via magnets to the Pogo connection on the bottom of the tablet and looks to be pretty well made and seems to mould into the bottom pretty seemlessly.

If you are still waiting for Google to supply information on the official dock for the Nexus 10 you could be waiting a while and this cable doesn’t look to be too bad of a deal as an interim solution. I however will be waiting for the official dock but that’s just me. There has been a few of these auctions come and go so the source link may expire, if so do an eBay search for ‘Magnector’ to find the cable.

Source: eBay.
Via: Droid-life.
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It’s back on EBay via their UK distributor

Got One

Now available via amazon or direct from the maker. Same one as on eBay
in December. Do a search for “MagNector Pogo Cable” and “pogocable”
website will pop up. Price is $19.95 as of 1/28/2013.

Damon Lewis

I can’t find it on ebay at all now 🙁


So… er… will this result in a lawsuit? Apple patented MagSafe, no?


I’d like Google to actually release the Nexus 10, as well. 😛


its good to see pogo pin accessories coming in from 3rd party suppliers, but supplying this before google and with the “fast charging” claim, it might be best to get the multi-meter out and measure the current through the unit.

Sean Royce

I noticed these on my parents nexus 7, I’m assuming it should work on that too?


No, they won’t, it has a different kind of port and no pogo connectors.