A report from the Wall Street Journal has been published which presents evidence from a number of sources that Google and Motorola are collaborating on a ‘sophisticated handset’ internally code named the X Phone.

The new phone which is being developed independently of the hardware manufacturers Droid line which they make for US Carrier Verizon may be followed soon after release by an X Tablet. The phone is supposed to incorporate technology from image and gesture recognition software from a company that Motorola acquired called Viewdle.

Hardware wise the X Phone has reportedly run into a few hurdles in terms of supply chain for parts such as ceramics for the body and bendable screens but Motorola is still looking at incorporating ‘top-notch features for the phone’s camera and photo software’.

In a statement that really seems quite obvious the X Phone is due out ‘some time next year’. How this X Phone will fit in with the Nexus series is unknown or perhaps this is the first inkling of a Motorola branded Nexus phone with the X referring to the X shown on startup on the current Nexus.

The story is an interesting read and I think everyone is eagerly waiting to see exactly what Google intends to do with Motorola but there will still be some time between now and when we see phones that are influenced by Google arriving in the market but either way it will be interesting.

Source: WSJ.
Via: The Verge.
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looking forward to this. I’ve always loved motorolas phone designs as they seem to offer something a bit different. Loved the milestone / droid. Looking forward to this.

Rob Pennefather

It looks good, but I wouldn’t be too quick in linking the “X” with Nexus, as Motorola has a history of using X in the names or model numbers of there phones. Such as the XOOM, ATRIX, RAZR MAXX. Moto seems to also have a history of overusing capital letters. Some phones from Moto that use XT.. as a model number are the ATRIX TV, RAZR V and i, DEFY, DROID 4, Defy Mini, Motoluxe/Motosmart, plus many more. After saying this, it would be nice if the next Nexus was a Motorola, as their build quality is always great, let… Read more »


As long as it runs vanilla android, or is easily unlockable and supported by the CM team, then I’ll be interested!

Sean Royce

I hope it runs vanilla, I’m sick of the delayed updates and Gingerbread needs to be thrown out the door.