We all know what a pain in the neck it has been trying to obtain Google’s Nexus 4. Shortly after going on sale they sold out, and they haven’t really (in any meaningful way) been back in stock since.

People have been variously blaming LG, Google, the end of the world at the end of 2012. Google pointed the finger at the LG supply chain, and now we’ve got an update from LG. Tl;dr? It’s not our fault.

LG Mobile France director Cathy Robin has spoken with French media outlet Challenges.fr, and she said:

“… the supply problems are not solely related to LG.”

It seems reality is a bit more complex — it appears that Google gave LG forecasted sales figures, based on previous Nexus sales results, but as anyone could tell you, the Nexus 4 is a quantum leap beyond the previous Nexus devices, and unsurprisingly, demand far exceeded the supply which Google had predicted. This hiccup aside, Robin claims that the relationship between LG and Google remains healthy.

In good news for those of us still hanging out for a Nexus 4, Robin has stated that LG is ramping up production of the Nexus 4 line, and predicts that by February, there should be no more pressure on the market — implying that there should be ample supplies in the next month or so.

Some other tidbits from Robin:

  • Robin denies LG is selling the Nexus 4 at a loss, but says there’s an agreement in place with Google to sell it at a “very attractive price.”
  • On reports that only 375,000 or so Nexus 4s had been sold (based on analysis of serial numbers on Internet forums), Robin describes this number as “much lower” than the actual sales figures.
  • Source: Challenges.fr.
    Via: Android Central.
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    I wanted a Nexus 4 and have been trying to buy one for the past 5 weeks in Australia. Only now have I stopped looking as it now outdated with talks off Nexus 5 coming out. Might just wait and buy the next Samsung Galaxy 4. At least they will be able to keep up with supply. If you don’t want my money I will take it elsewhere. LG=Fail


    I mean serious, when Asus had there success (and problems) they were sleeping ?


    So LG’s current flagship is doing extremely well but the N4
    ( which is almost identical ) they have ‘logistics’ problems with ??
    Am i the only one that finds this “curious” ?

    It looks to me like they don’t want to sell it at thru google play, because they sell it to t-mobile for a way better price and then blame google that their ‘forecast’ wasn’t correct ?? In any case, i don’t like being treated like this, my next device is either a N4 or a non LG phone.


    Seriously, get the stock and I will buy one. I’m frustrated as hell that I’ve been waiting 2 months since release date for one.

    Shut up lg and take my money.

    Greg McPherson

    I would have thought that the success of the Nexus 7 would have been a big hint that the public’s interest in Nexus Things had fundamentally changed, compared to a year before. People know Android now. It’s not just a techies thing anymore.


    This is a loss cause, they Already miss the boat, not that many people want to wait, im sure a Lot of them already got other phone… srsly 375000 is very poor sales.


    srsly “much lower”.

    You should finish the end of the sentence you’re reading before jumping in and commenting.


    sure, i was just amused why they would even mentioned figures that I think is not reliable… (“based on analysis of serial numbers on Internet forums”)


    lol i didnt know I was doing an english literature exam?

    some guy

    You are a rude prick. How was that for punctuation?


    Hmmm….. That’s LG sydney in that pic :p